Lot 5 – Dulverton Statesman S049

Dulverton Statesman S049, a Boonaroo Gravity G13 son was another of the “S” bulls that demonstrated the extra “Wow” factor at weaning, he was ear marked at weaning as a potential young sire to be used over the heifers. S049 was used last Spring as an A.I. Mop up sire, predominantly over the S. Enhance daughters. Both sets of S049’s data supported the fact that he would be heifer safe.

Note Breedplan CED +5.4, G. L. -9.0, CEM +4.0 and Igenity Beef Profile CED 6 & CEM 7.

The physical attributes that really attracted us to S049, were his very sound feet and legs, his mobility and his above average body length, including his neck extension. S049 is also a superior Do-Ability sire as evidenced by his body capacity and his even and adequate fat cover, he does exhibit our preferred Mid Maturity pattern. It’s always our preference to use Sires who score 5 for sheath, note S049 is tight in the sheath and scores a 5.

S049’s Marbling performance was another of the traits that prompted us to definitely use him over the Enhance heifers, he scores a perfect 10 for Igenity Beef Profile Marbling (so too Enhance the sire of the heifers) and is in the top 29% for IMF%. Breedplans fertility measures, Days to Calving and Scrotal, place S049 in the top 12%. S049 appears to exhibit preferential genes for Feed Efficiency he scores 6 for RFI on the IBP scale and is in the top 1% for NFI-F on Breedplan.

S049 certainly has a very desirable pedigree, one worthy of very close scrutiny. B. Gravity G13 is by Te Mania Africa (see notes re Africa in S082 Lot 1s profile) a bull born two decades ago yet his performance data is still super. Of interest is the fact that Kenny’s Creek Sandy (sire of B. Gravity’s dam) traces back through KC Federation Q140+95 to the very first registered Angus female born at Farrer in Farrer Lady Federation U1. F.Lady Federation born June 1975 was out of Richard and Graham Whites donation to Farrer, Bald Blair R40, Federation U1 produced eight (8) performance recorded progeny.

Maternally, S049’s pedigree is just as impressive, his dam Pixie L057 is by S. Black Pearl who has done a stellar job in the Dulverton herd, plenty of L & M females still operative. D. Montjeu M013 by Black Pearl virtually has no peers when it comes to Calving Ease with better than average growth.

Dulverton Pixie L057 is very productive she has reared  five (5) performance recorded progeny plus the Exclusive bull T138, like his dam T138 was born early 29/07/22. Pixie L057’s dam Pixie F206 is still active and has reared nine (9) plus her “T” weaner heifer T336 by Rennylea R21 (Landfall New Ground).

The Dulverton Pixie family originated from D. Pixie Q12+95 an embryo from Summitcrest Ohio, in 1993. Q12’s pedigree includes the proven Marbling performers VDAR New Trend and Premier Independence.

This is a powerful pedigree supported by very impressive performance data and maternal longevity which has helped promote S049’s structural prowess, don’t allow him to slip under your guard.

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