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There is semen available for purchase from the following Dulverton Bulls, as well as from Dulverton Blaster B111 (see Bull Battery page). Please click on the image for a large view of each bull along with details and pedigree.

Dulverton Blaster B111 was the stand-out performer of our ‘B’ drop. In fact his performance, physical structure, pedigree and sire appeal prompted us to keep him and use him. We have two crops of calves by him, he will be represented by 5 – 6 sons in the 2010 sale and we have 33 sons from our B and A cows to select a sale team from for the 2011 sale.


Dulverton B111 was born unassisted from W163 who has now produced us 7 unassisted live calves at 350 days.

WeightWeight GainGroup AverageNearest Contemporary 
200 day3611.601.421.57
400 day5861.411.011.36
600 day6941.261.101.24
Scan data


Rib fatp8 fatEMAIMFScrotal
Group Average3.64.1944.842
 Feed EfficiencyMarblingTenderness


B111 Physical Structure (assessed by Dick Whale 26.05.08)


StatureBody lengthBody CapacityFront FeetBack FeetLeg AnglePastern AngleMuscle ScoreDo-abilitySheathGrade

Building bull breeding herds requires many inputs a few of the more important are time experience and maternal prowess. During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s we were involved with the importation of a number of sires (semen) and several sets of embryos. Armed with the knowledge that very few sires have that unique ability to breed both superior cows and substantial sons we set about identifying a bull that would excel maternally and one that would exhibit growth, musculature etc.. The maternal sire we selected as J.R. Juice Z005 the paternal sire was G.V. Power Drive 7369 (Uncle Jim). We mated Uncle Jim to our maternal matrons, one of the best being Dulverton Quinte F10 (Thologolong Think Twice x Naranghi Quinte B127). No doubt F10’s best Uncle Jim son was Dulverton Re-Build R112. At the time we were mating Uncle Jim to the more maternal cows we also mated J.R. Juice Z005 to the exceptionally long bodied structurally sound O’Neills Renovator cows. One such mating produced Dulverton Annie R94. The subsequent mating of R112 to Annie R94 has produced one of the best cows at Dulverton, Dulverton Annie W163, the dam of Dulverton Blaster B111. Isn’t it good when a plan works?? Dulverton Annie W163 has had two other noteable sons Dulverton Zack Z204 by Dulverton Vanilla V49 and Dulverton Ace A259 by Dulverton Uptake U91. Dulverton Zack  Z204 is currently being used by Blair and Josie Angus at Kimberley Station, Clermont  Qld to breed replacement bulls for their breeding property Carpentaria Downs. Dulverton Ace A259 is one of 5 U91 sons Tony Clift bought at the 2007 Dulverton bull sale. While he doesn’t have individual sire data Tony does run the 5 U91 sons with 250 cows. The progeny from the U91 sons set of cows weaned 12% heavier than all the other calves weaned (Autumn ’09). Phenotypically Dulverton Ace A259 is magnificent, Tony plans to collect him and A.I. him to 300 cows.


It must be remembered Blaster B111 owes 50% of his makeup to Hyline Right Time 338. 338’s pedigree is interesting, many bull breeding herds would have some of his sires blood, that is Leachman Right Time or they may have EXT or NBar 5522, most would have Tehama Bando 155. However very few would have any of 338’s dams bloodlines. This makes 338 an acceptable outcross. We’ve found the 338 progeny to be very complete. The bulls have length, depth and capacity, well above breed average scrotal with adequate muscling and easy doing ability. The heifers are feminine, long bodied with neck extension, they have well structured udders that produce ample milk and they settle in calf, none to cull in the first set of two year olds. 338 progeny are amongst the Angus breeds best for Feed Efficiency as measured by GeneSTAR®.


Progeny Performance

B111 was used as a Yearling to mop-up an A.I. program amongst a set of X, Y, Z cows. Consider the following weaner data:


Bull Progeny WeanedDays of AgeWeightAdj. Daily GainRatio
Average 36 head1922851.48
Contemporary sires included another 338 son Dulverton B118, FV The King 308M, 338, Pahokee, 931 and Dulverton Uptake U91
Heifer Progeny Weaned1852761.49109

There is no doubting B111’s individual performance, importantly he has shown he can breed progeny equal to and better than his contemporaries in the Dulverton Sire battery. We will post his ‘E’ calf weaning performance and his ‘D’ progeny growth and scan data in early May, watch for Dulverton D157 and Dulverton D229 at the Dulverton 2010 Bull Sale on 26th July.

Dulverton D 157


Licensed semen is available from Blaster B111 @ $25.00/dose

For further details please contact us or

Dick Whale 0427 697968

Dale Edwards High Country Heifers 0427 806672



A Testament to Dulverton Re-Build R112 (the maternal Grandsire of Dulverton Blaster)

Bruce Picone – Tallawanta Feedlot, Moree.

I first saw Dulverton Re-Build R112 as a weaner in June 1997. Greg and Sally delivered their “R” weaners to Tallawanta to be fed on a 25% grain , 75% roughage (mostly silage) ration, in a yard that had a 90 acre adjoining paddock. Every time Greg and Sally came down to check on the bulls we’d spend quite a bit of time gazing at the draft and selecting our own champions – as you do! R112 was my pick from the outset, he had so much natural thickness, muscling and doing ability from such an early age. He was also structurally sound. I tried hard to secure the bull, but Greg and Sally wanted to use him over their heifers. In 1998 I tried again unsuccessfully to gain access to R112 I didn’t succeed but Greg did agree to A.I. him to a group of Angus heifers Greg had organized me to buy from “Old Turee”. The A.I. result was reasonable and in May 2000 I decided to enter a pen of 25 steer calves in the ALFA Feedlot Competition.

Although only weaners, I found 25 steer calves in excess of 320kg as it turned out 16 were by R112 and the balance by the two Dulverton bulls used to “mop up” the A.I. program. The results were extremely pleasing, this pen won the Domestic MSA 70 -100 days section and went on to take out the overall Championship. The judging criteria were based on

  • Feedlot performance
  • Saleable Meat Yield and
  • Eating Quality (MSA predicted eating quality outcomes.

From my perspective R112 combines the lot, weaners heavy enough to go straight on feed, growth on feed, carcase yield and eating quality.

Bruce & Bill Piccone receiving the Supreme Champion Feedlot and Supreme Champion Breeder Awards in the 2000 Elanco National Grain Fed Beef Competition.
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