We went to Te Mania in 2016 to purchase a sire and bought the bull we were convinced was the best structured and best mover from the draft. We were also very keen to find an IMF% improver who we thought might marble and milk improve with calving ease. Kilkenny K912 was our choice.

Prior research into Kilkenny K912’s pedigree revealed his dam’s sire to be by Gardens Highmark. Highmark is a bull we hadn’t used, although we did use a grandson in BB Highland C126. Highmark has great performance data recorded in the USA. 48 carcases have positioned him in the top 5% for marbling and top 38% for Rib Eye area, to add to this he is in the top 4% for NFI and top 10% for rate of gain (progeny measure). The presence of Africa, a grandson of Knight who is a well documented carcase marbler, should promote marbling.

One of our foundation cows was Te Mania Mittagong C65, a VPI Lord Patriot daughter we have been well pleased with our Mittagong females. Mittagong T84 (daughter of the Summitcrest carcase embryo Quantum Leap Q16) produced 14 progeny including Mittagong D41 (a 338 daughter) who is still active in the herd. Note Mittagong J84 (by C. Docklands) sells in this sale.

Kilkenny K912 has been a keen active worker, we used him as a late yearling over 17 cows, he managed to get 16 in calf in 46 days. His progeny has well and truly satisfied us. We are especially impressed with F23’s bull N3 weaned at 335kg (1.50kg/day), we will keep and use this one. F23 sells re-joined to K912.

We are confident in recommending the females carrying the Kilkenny K912 progeny and we look forward to seeing his progeny mature, we believe him to be a superior cow breeder.

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