This years sale draft at Dulverton Angus is made up of progeny by

Four (4) AI Sires-:

Number of HeadAbbreviation
Landfall New Ground N90  N = 13NG
Musgrave 316 ExclusiveN = 12Excl
Baldridge SR GoalkeeperN = 8GK
Chiltern Park Moe M6N = 8Moe
N = 41

Five “Bought In” Sires-:

Number of HeadAbbreviation
Renny Lea R511N = 8R511
Booroomooka Marscay Q365N = 7Q365
RennyLea R21N = 6R21
Waitara Princeton P90N = 2P90
Dunoon N668N = 1N668
N = 24

Four “Homebred” Sires-:

Number of HeadAbbreviation
Dulverton New Approach N208N = 9N208
Dulverton Pins P101N = 6P101
Dulverton Rocket Man R180N = 3R180
Dulverton Rocket Man R182N = 2R182
N = 20

The Dulverton Team has been really happy with the performance of this, The “T” Draft. Their Structural Soundness in particular is exemplary, The Team has never been able to present a draft of in excess of eighty Lots without a Grade 4 included, let alone a draft with one more Grade 7’s, twenty six (26) than Grade 5’s, twenty four (24). Amazing.

Consider the following table that outlines how each Sires progeny have performed for Structural Soundness by presenting the Grade Score by Sire.

New Ground13742
Goal Keeper8134
Renny Lea R5118440
B. Marscay Q3657241
Renny Lea R216411
W. Princeton P902020
Dunoon N6681001
Dulverton N2089153
Dulverton Pins P1016123
Dulverton R1803120
Dulverton R1822101

The Dulverton Team is always keen to review the Grade Data by Sire, as the data does provide interesting insights. Certainly one observation from this data set would be how well The “Aussie Breds” have performed, this simply reinforces The Teams commitment to continue seeking out future potential sires from the Aussie based production systems. The Team is very keen to locate future sires from herds with similar philosophies re improving the working life of the potential commercial sires for clients. Must say New Ground has been a Soundness “Standout”.

The Team is very happy with how the “Bought In” battery has performed.

It may appear as though the “Homebreds” have dragged their feet somewhat, generally this will be the case particularly as the Team doesn’t AI all cows, the “Homebreds are left with the “mopping” up job that often includes the lesser quality cows and of course the heifers.

Team Dulverton has made no secret of the fact that their major motivation is to produce Sires for their commercial clients who will sire progeny capable of producing Beef to “satisfy the Eating Quality expectations of consumers Consistently and Price competitively”.

In an attempt to satisfy the above mentioned “Goal” Team Dulverton has embarked on an exciting pathway utilising the Igenity Beef Profile. The Value Determining Index developed using a selected set of traits from within the IBP suite can assist clients identify potential sires capable of better fulfilling the Goal stated above.

The detail including Trait lists, definitions and weightings is discussed in detail in a previous article posted on The Website. The trait list does include-:

Calving Ease Maternal10%
Feed Efficency  RFI15%
Muscling REA5%
Carcass Weight15%

Consider the following table that outlines The Sires of the Sale Drafts performance by the Value Determining Index, VDI

SIRENUMBERVDI 60+VDI 55 to 59.5VDI 48.5 to 54.5

Lot 11 – By the Dulverton Pearl home bred M208, Grade 6 & VDI 62.5

The Dulverton Team’s ambition is to put forward a draft of eighty (80) to ninety (90) head that Grade score as this draft has, that is NO Grade 4’s and where the Grade7’s out number the Grade 5’s with the complete draft scoring sixty plus (60+) for The VDI. You will note that the sixty plus (60+) performers only make up 43.5% of the draft, the fifty five to fifty nine point five(55 to 59.5)group makes up 40% while the forty eight point five to fifty four point five(48.5 to 54.5)group comprises 16.5%.

There are far too many in the less than sixty plus (60+) group. Progress to reduce this category is made difficult simply because-:

  • The first group of females that Dulverton has VDI scores for are The “S” group, their first progeny are currently being tested. Dulverton has too few Females tested to be able to exert sufficient selection pressure on the females so as to optimise progress.
  • There aren’t very many potential sires tested, buying a Bull or using semen from a bull that hasn’t been tested is not assisting make progress. Further, Dick Whale reports he has tested sixty six (66) potential AI Sires for possible use this Spring and two of the High Scoring possibilities are Dulverton Smart Missile S058 (74.5) and Dulverton Think Big T200 (72.5), both have been retained for use in the Dulverton herd. T200 is very unique he scores 7 for Stay and 5 for RFI.
  • Matching Structural Soundness, Breed Standards etc with Genetic Superiority hasn’t been easy, it still isn’t. For example Lot 82 in the draft scores 72.5, has near perfect feet, moves really well yet has “White” on the Sheath and so was downgraded to a Grade 5. Had it not been for the white he would be still at Dulverton, his 8 for Stayability and 3 for RFI makes his “Blood worth Bottling”.

Comments re Grade and VDI Performances

  • Goalkeeper has 8 sons represented 7 of them score in the 60+ group, yet his Grade 5 total is equal to his combined Grade 6 & 7 total, further outlining how difficult it is to combine both. Dulverton used Goalkeeper because of how Enhance scored TEN for both Tenderness and Marbling.
  • New Ground has the most sons represented (13) note he has seven Grade 7’s and six (6) in the 60+ group WOW
  • Exclusive, well his performance really does illustrate how difficult it can be, matching Structural Soundness performance with that of predicted Genetic outcomes. Structurally he hasn’t been great yet genetically he is equal with New Ground and only fractionally behind Goalkeeper.
  • Moe, well Moe would be the true all rounder if only he was able to perform for Stayability, he isn’t “Robinson Crusoe” in The Angus breed for that inability. Unfortunately Angus are performing below par for both Stayability and RFI. Go Lot 82, 3 for RFI and 8 for Stayability.

The Dulverton Team is very happy with how the Sire Battery has performed, they are convinced there is a Bull here to suit the discerning buyer interested in keeping a focus on both Structural Soundness and Genetic Superiority for the set of traits that influence Eating Quality, Price Competitively.

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