Selecting bulls to Profile is easy when they prove to be amongst the Elite Group. T139 is just that having Graded a 7 for Structural Soundness and having scored 63 for his VDI, he is the only Goalkeeper to achieve the Double.

T139 is terribly hard to fault structurally, why sure he does possess a fraction too much Sheath (Score4), yet he truly does excel from the Tip of his Nose to the top of his Toes. Check his photo, it maybe seen as “Olden Day Stuff” but he has the important attributes of a wide muzzle and strong bottom jaw. T139’s eye is set so that it’s not too prominent and exposed to excessive aggravation from sunlight, dust and fly’s. T139 exhibits no “waste” tissue in the dewlap or brisket, his brisket being positioned well above his knee. What about T139’s skin and hair?, immaculate particularly in those two important “spots” for the Queensland breeders-the upper neck and head. Since their days at Moree Team Dulverton have selected for “Slick Coats” and soft pliable skin, being keen to keep hair to a minimum on the head and upper neck. Excessive hair on the head and upper neck provides a haven for the Buffalo Fly that have caused havoc on Shannon Vale this Summer/Autumn resulting in major eye damage, reduced growth performance etc.

Team Dulverton believes T139 has an almost perfect Pelvis, the team aren’t confident to promote him as heifer safe but are adamant that his daughters will be blessed with pelvic shape and capacity that will ensure they calve easily. Note the Classic roll from hip to pin, the rear view illustrates ideal width across the hips which carries through the thurl bones to the wide set pins.

T139 does present with a better than average genetic makeup as evidenced by the fact that he scores 63 for The VDI. T139 is unique in that he is predicted to be able to substantially improve Tenderness (10) and RFI (5), note there are only three other individuals in the catalogue with similar capabilities, Lot 34 T174, Lot 53 T296 and Lot 84 T 270. The “T” Bull retained in the Dulverton herd D. Think Big T200 also scores 10 for Tenderness and 5 for RFI. Definitely more needs to be understood with respect the biology of these two important Value Determining traits so that the genomic relationship becomes more clear. T139 certainly possesses adequate genetic potential for the Growth traits and Carcass weight, his own growth statistics are-:
           Weaning Weight: 371 kg @ 231 days 1.61kg/day
           Yearling Weight:  504 kg @ 368 days 1.37kg/day
           Progress Weight: 774 kg @ 628 days  1.23kg/day
The Shannon Vale Production System/Environment certainly doesn’t need anymore growth than expressed here by T139.

T139 has a most interesting pedigree. Booroomooka Hyperno has a super maternal pedigree, he like B.Frankel is out of B.Tracy Z5, she traces back through Tracy T4 to Summitcrest Blackcap Mary E210. This particular family produced sons for Summitcrest whose progeny performed so well for Carcass Marbling and Yield through the CAB program. The Xtol family, that traces back to an Australian Bred “Frame Changer” in the 1980’s, Thologolong Think Big, is noted for it’s productivity-:
               L136 by Hyperno still active has reared 6 progeny
              F092 by Prairie Edge Marbul Design 931 reared 9 progeny
              X231 by Five Star Valour V2 reared 10 progeny
              S39.   by JR Juice reared 9 progeny
              P46.  by D. Leviathan L59 reared 12 progeny. D. Leviathan was an imported embryo by Scotchcap from that amazing GDAR cow Blackcap Lady 3187. It seems as though the Better Bulls do have very strong pedigrees supporting them.

T139 does tick the boxes successfully, he is Structurally very sound, his genetic prediction profile places him in the preferred 60+ bracket and his maternal pedigree is undeniably stacked with productivity.

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