The Pearl T216 has been a very impressive prospect since day dot. T216 is a very powerful, deep, thick son of Dulverton New Approach N208. Structural Soundness is of paramount importance at Dulverton, it’s such a major contributor to the bottom line of any beef cattle enterprise. N208 graded a 7+ and has passed on this vital asset to his progeny. Take the time to closely evaluate the feet of N208’s progeny, T216 has near perfect feet and is blessed with ideal depth of heel. Note the ease with which T216 moves, getaboutability is such an important asset for any prospective sire. While on the subject of movement be sure to inspect Lot 50 Dulverton The Pearl T228, a son of N208, he is the most agile free mover in the draft. The Head is often overlooked during the physical evaluation of the prospective sire, be sure to look closely at T216’s Head it portrays Power, note the width between the eyes, the thickness of the muzzle and the prominence of the bottom jaw. T216 has the Dulverton preferred slick hair with soft pliable skin, a trait that points to that much sort after easy doing ability.

T216, from his Yearling Weight (02/08/23) to early April 2024, recorded the No1 weight gain across Management groups 2,3 & 4. T216 was weaned at 216 days, he weighed 338kg for a gain of 1.57kg/day, he ranked 6/57. T216’s Yearling weight, recorded at 369 days was 498kg a gain of 1.35kg/day which ranked him 2/49. The ADG actual growth rate from weaning through yearling is 1.04kg/day quite respectable given the fact that from late winter through until mid December Shannon Vale suffered from another extended dry, nutrition at pasture was severely limited. These actual growth rate figures do reflect the IBP genetic growth predictions for WW (7); ADG (7) & YW (7), not too little, not too much but just right for growth.

T216 has recorded a VDT Index of 62.5 suggesting he is likely to add value to most Beef Breeding Enterprises, he scores particularly well for STAY (6), for Docility (8), for the Eating Quality components Tenderness (7), Marbling (8) and for the Yield components REA (6) Carcase Weight (8). Note the CW score of 8 a point above the Growth scores 7 indicate the growth is channelled into the worthwhile tissues of maximum muscle, optimum fat also a rudimentary indicator of improved Yield. T216 is a worthwhile genetic package capable of passing on improvement for the traits that add value.

T216 is blessed with a super pedigree being by N208 a son of Esselmont Lotto L3, N208 is from one of the very best cows ever produced in the Dulverton herd, Dulverton Annie G037. Annie G037 traces back to Annie G17 an O’Neill’s Renovator daughter and Grand Champion Angus cow Sydney RAS 1992. T216 is out of Dulverton Mittagong K204, a magnificent daughter of B. Frankel F510, no doubting the impact Frankel has had in the Dulverton herd. Frankel traces back down the B. Tracy cow family line to a magnificent Summitcrest cow we liked immensely, a cow recognised for her carcase merit in particular Marbling. K204’s dam F173 is by Dulverton Blaster B111 one of the Dulverton sons of Right Time 338, B111 was renowned for his soundness and Longevity, he was still serving naturally as an eleven year old. K204 has a wonderful maternal pedigree, her maternal grand dam A098 (reared 11), is by the renowned Carcase marbling and longevity promoter in Marbul Design 931. A098 was out of N5 (reared 10), who was by O’Neill’s Northern Errol, Errol was imported from Jim O’Neill by Fred Bell of Glenavon and purchased by Dulverton as a seven year old, Errol was still serving cows at pasture as a 12 year old. N5 was out of K9 still a very much revered matron within Dulverton she was by Renovator and reared 9 progeny. K9 was out of Te Mania Mittagong C65 a cow we were very lucky to have been able to secure from Andrew. C65 was by VPI Lord Patriot and her maternal pedigree is stacked with original Te Mania greats including Poundmaker and Uranium. K204 who is still active and has reared 9 is certainly bred in the Purple. K204’s first calf was a bull by Gunsmoke J134, D. Medaglia M028. M028 was a heifers first calf born early and unassisted, we were overwhelmed by his immaculate structure and explosive early growth. M028 was retained and used in the Stud, his performance has been amazing you will notice he is the sire of eight dams with sons in the sale, 2 are Grade 7’s; 5 are Grade 6’s and 1 is a Grade 5.

T216 is a young sire with an outstanding pedigree stacked with performance,  longevity and structural superiority. Don’t miss the opportunity of inspecting him Monday 20/05/24 at Shannon Vale.

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