Lot 32 Dulverton Sirius S269

Dulverton Sirius S269 is a super impressive son of the Yearling homebred sire Dulverton Qualify Q121 purchased by Royce and Fiona Meyer from the 2021 Sale. Q121 was very docile and was the heaviest visual muscle score bull of the “Q” sale draft. S269’s impressive visual appeal hasn’t occurred by accident, both his sire Q121, by the equally impressive Wattletop Franklin K252 and his dam Xtol N109 are visual Stunners.

Dulverton Sirius S269’s stature is slightly above breed average, his body capacity and body length are both very impressive, he is very sound footed with plenty of heel depth. Do-ability is a trait we actively select for S269 excels with respect this trait, note the evenness of his adequate fat cover and the width across the chest floor. S269 does possess an above average visual muscle score, a trait no doubt inherited from Q121, his EBV for EMA of +8.9 (top 20%) supports his visual muscle score.

S269 has classic neck extension and shoulder set which combine to promote his very free long striding walk, also of note is his ideal pelvic set up with the pins set wide and down below the “level” of the hip. S269 was graded a 7 by Dick Whale.

Dulverton Sirius’s pedigree is very special and includes that Wattletop impact sire in W. Franklin G188, no doubt K252 was his most potent son. Also included in the sire battery of the pedigree are three major Dulverton impact sires in Pathfinder Galaxy G476, Esselmont Lotto L3 and the daddy of them all Dulverton Uptake U91.

Q121’s dam is from the famous Dulverton Annie family, she is Dulverton Annie K217 (by P. Galaxy G476) and is still active in the herd having already produced six performance recorded progeny and T364, a bull by Rennylea R21 ( Landfall New Ground).
Dulverton Sirius S269 is out of a super impressive young Lotto cow D. Xtol N109, still active having produced three performance recorded progeny and an Exclusive heifer T181, to date. S269’s maternal grand dam Dulverton Xtol C156 is by Dulverton Uptake U91 a true promoter of longevity and structural soundness he was still serving naturally as a thirteen year old. C156 produced eleven (11) performance recorded progeny. S269’s pedigree does include the Summitcrest embryo and carcass marbling performer in D. Quantum Leap Q16 and O’Neill’s Mr. America on the Annie side and traces to the founding cow of our Xtol family Thologolong Xtol C21 on the maternal side.

Dulverton Sirius S269’s genetic performance data is exemplary to begin with he ranks in the top 11% for The Angus Breeding Index and top 14% for The Angus Breeding Low Feed Cost Index. Check out his Value Determining Traits;

  • Days to Calving top 37%
  • Scrotal top 4%
  • RBY%: top 40%
  • IMF%: top 36% He also registers a 7 for genetic marbling on the Igenity Beef Profile scale
  • NFI-F: top 44%

The relationship 600 day growth to Mature Cow weight is exactly how we plan it to be, mature cow weight being in the order of 20 to 35 points below that of 600 day growth. Such a relationship combined with a Feed Efficiency Score in the top 50% helps assure Female herd efficiency at pasture and steer progeny efficiency at both pasture and in the feedlot.

Dulverton Sirius S269 is a well credentialed fella to perform particularly well for those operations targeting mid to long grain fed  and Heavy pasture fed specifications.

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