Lot 1 Dulverton Smart Missile S082

Dulverton Smart Missile S082 has been on our radar since weaning, he has had the extra “Wow Factor “ appeal since very early in life. From the outset he has had adequate frame, his body length being exemplary. S082’s body capacity, natural muscling and do-ability are very impressive. Importantly he has had and continues to exhibit very sound feet and legs, he moves exceptionally well. To date in The Dulverton herd Enhance is noted for leaving superb skin and haired progeny, S082 is no exception. It seems Enhance is an all rounder we have retained seventeen “S” daughters.

 Dulverton Smart Missile S082’s maternal pedigree is very special combining two bulls we appreciate very much in Musgrave Big Sky and Te Mania Africa. We used M. Big Sky a decade or so ago, he was in the Top 15% of the Breed in The U.S. for carcass marbling at the time, he was a slightly below breed average for Carcass fatness suggesting he would be improving RBY%. Big Sky is renowned for his ability to improve depth of heel, mobility, strength of muzzle and jaw plus body capacity and thickness, especially across the chest floor.

Te Mania Africa is a special, he ticks the all important box of being able to improve carcass marbling while also improving saleable beef yield. Check his other strengths for a bull born in the Spring of 2005. He is still top 40% CED; top 5% Milk; top 15% Days to Calving; top 10% Scrotal; top 40% RBY; top 10% IMF%; top 25% NFI-F. In addition  Africa was Docile and a major foot improver, it’s certainly worth having him in the pedigree. For those of you who have been around for a while Africas maternal pedigree is stacked with plenty of breed icons- 0’Neill’s Renovator, Scotchcap and VPI Lord Patriot. Sal and I imported the Renovator semen from Jim and Ardyce O’Neill in 1985. Renovator’s sire Premiere Independence was one of the first Angus sires to have carcass progeny recorded data that demonstrated his carcass marbling prowess.

Dulverton Smart Missile S082 has a wonderful set of genetic performance data as recorded by both Breed plan and Igenity Beef Profile, (IBP).

Note his CED and BW within both systems suggest he is Heifer Safe. We did use S082 to “mop up” the “S” heifers following A.I. S082 has very adequate growth, of particular interest is the fact that his MCW is 24 points below that of his 600 day growth figure. Of significance is the fact that S082 scores 5 for Stayability, 5 on the scale of 1-10 is commendable given that Angus do not score well for the trait in the Igenity Beef Profile seven breed analysis. S082 is a stand out as a contender to improve genetic Eating Quality, he is in the top 30% for Breed plan IMF% and he scores a 10 for Marbling and a 7 for Tenderness as per the IBP.

S082 scores a 9 for Carcass weight two points greater than his Yearling weight score of 7. This is a positive as it does indicate that he should be a genetic RBY% improver.

S082 is our 2nd highest scoring Enhance son with a tally of 67, we have kept the high scoring son S058 (71.5) for use in The Dulverton Stud herd. The high scoring “S” in the catalogue with 69.5  is Lot 4, Saintly S159 an Alternative son.

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