Knowla McCaw M20

Sal and I had considered the Kiwi bull Matauri Reality 839 during our search that uncovered Lotto L3. Not that there is a lot of Kiwi blood in Reality 839, on the paternal side he is by Schurrtop Reality X723 (USA) and the maternal side has Te Mania Ulong U41 and Te Mania Modest M126+92. None the less we believed him to be worthy of having in the pedigree of a future sire. We investigated further and found James and Ted Laurie had a son Knowla McCaw M20 and that John Sylvester was keen on the positivity of Reality’s calving ease. To add to this, we knew James and Ted had inspected Reality in NZ. We trust James’ and Ted’s judgement, as they provide a visual structural grade for you of our sale bulls each year.

We bought McCaw M20 at the Knowla sale in partnership with John Sylvester, had him collected and we used the semen over our ‘M’ heifers and John used the bull. We offer 12 of the ‘M’ sale heifers in calf to McCaw M20.

Physically K McCaw M20 is very appealing, the first trait to catch the eye is the body capacity, depth, thickness and muscularity. He has a powerful sires head with strength of bottom jaw, and muzzle thickness adding to his appeal. He has a suitable pelvic shape/capacity to promote calving ease and he exhibits that slight roll from hip to pin. When viewed from behind, pins are wide, and testicles are adequate with ideal tone. K McCaw M20 walks out very well, has our preferred soft/slick hair and that pliable skin. He is easy doing.

As mentioned the pedigree is interesting, we already have Ulong U41 and Modest M126+92 in our herd. The Modest comes per favour of Dunoon Federal F423. The ‘new blood’ comes via the Schurrtop Reality X723, Reiland Fisk F392, Ardrossan Connection X15 and the Panda family. We do know the Panda would go back to DSK Willy Boy and the Te Mania Panda E12+85 cow – Go Knoxie. Worth noting that Knoxie bought a ‘G’ heifer from us by Renovator years ago, she stood 3rd in that amazing cow class at Sydney Show in 1992. Dulverton Annie G17 won that class and was then judged Grand Champion Cow.

There is also Te Mania Kelp (O’Neills Renovator) and that renowned pelvis building sire Design Plus 97 in the Knowla McCaw M20 pedigree.

We are awaiting in earnest the arrival of our first M20 calves.

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