Dulverton Larry L154 – Ref Sire

Represented by 13 Sons

We selected Dulverton Larry L154 as a potential Yearling Sire prospect from our “L” drop and then decided to offer him as a Yearling in our 2016 Sale, he was purchased by the Knowla Team-James and Ted Laurie. We were able to secure him to use over our “L’s, as the Spring of 2017 was such a very ordinary season we were concerned A.I’ing two year olds on their first calf would be an exercise in futility-Thanks James & Ted.

Our initial selection was based on his Physical make-up and his Pedigree.


Dulverton Larry L154 was of very sound structure when we selected him. He was of moderate frame with ideal body length which included our preferred neck extension with a well laid in shoulder. Larry exhibited adequate body capacity and was naturally thick with a pelvis set up that definitely appeared to promote Calving Ease. His Pelvis had capacity and “roll” from hips back through wide set thurl bones to the pins. Larry’s feet were very good, the pleasing point being his depth of heel. Larry’s shoulder set and preferred hock angularity certainly helped promote his freedom of movement. Larry had soft pliable skin with the mossie hair type that sheds quickly in northern Australia, his temperament was such that we christened him “Likeable Larry”.

Lot 8 – Dulverton Phar Lap P157


When we selected Larry his dam D. Xtol H60 was (still is) a very special daughter of D. Feature F221. Feature F221 was sold to Tony Seymour at our 2012 Sale and went to Tony’s Tasmanian Bull breeding herd. Unfortunately Feature F221 proved to be a DD carrier so was assigned to Tony’s commercial herd. The performance feedback from Tony re F221’s progeny has been exemplary. F221 is in the top Three Tony has used.

Included in Larry’s maternal pedigree is Nichols Extra K205, the sire of D. Queen F023 still one of the best matrons in the Dulverton herd, K205 has proven to be an outstanding sire of long lasting breed cows in the Dulverton herd.

The Paternal pedigree is loaded with our favourites including a double cross to Hyline Right Time 338, Dulverton Vanilla V49 ( Design Plus ‘97), B/R New Design 036, Prairie Edge Marbling Design 931 ( still one of the best recorded Carcase recorded Marble Score performers in Angus today). Worth noting that D. Edward E155 (Larry’s Maternal Grandsire was purchased by Geoff Maynard- Five Star Senepols, to breed Senegal’s. Geoff was taken by Edward’s muscle pattern , his ideal minimal flat bone, his slick hair and soft pliable skin. We were convinced we had to lock this trait list into the Dulverton herds selection trait list in order to satisfy our Central Qld. Clients SALE OFFERING

D. Larry L154 is represented by 13 sons in the Sale, one Phar Lap P252 is a Grade 7, three Phar Laps P157 (Lot 8); P307 (Lot 22) & P271 (Lot 60) are Grade 6’s; 8 are Grade 5’s and there is a Grade 4. Seven of Larry’s sons have scored 23 for front feet and 24 for back feet, we’d envisage this group to be definite Foot Improvers.

D. Larry L154’s set of sons are the larger framed of the 3 main A. I. Sire groups, his set of sons are definitely suited to the longer fed grain specifications, his marbling while not abundant is adequate.

D. Larry is still operational in the Knowla herd his temperament and that of his offspring is exemplary, he has stood the test of time having been used three seasons at Knowla and one at Dulverton.

The fact that Larry L154 was used at Knowla as a Yearling and that he is now rising five is testament to his Longevity. Reports from Knowla suggest the retention rate of his daughters is very high and that the young cows in the herd are true “workers”. We have retained nine daughters in the Dulverton herd and look forward with interest to them calving to Chiltern Park Moe and GAR Ashland in the next month.

Lot 13 – Dulverton Phar Lap P237


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