We purchased Hyperno H605 in 2015 following the positive test of B Frankel to DD. The partnership included John Sylvester, Ced Wise, Peter Hughes, Mark Gubbins and Booroomooka.

In 2013 we bought the walking rights of Booroomooka Frankel F510. We were trying to get access to the known marbling genes we were confident would be locked into his Maternal grand dam B Tracy T4. She was an imported embryo from Summitcrest who’s pedigree contained carcase marbling tested sires – GT Expo, Premiere Independence and Summitcrest Scotch Cap OB45. Hugh and Sinclair mated Tracy T4 to 1407 and produced B Tracy Z5. Z5 now carried marbling genes from Tracy T4 and combined them with those of 036 and 1407.

Unfortunately, 2013 was the year the DD data was released, Frankel an Ardrossan Equator A241 son, was tested and found to be a carrier. Earlier that year we had purchased a ‘marbling bull’ from Bill Rishell in partnership with Jim Butcher and Mark Gubbins. That bull’s semen didn’t even get into Australia, he too was a DD carrier.

To cut a long story short, we were still keen to find a son from that Booroomooka Tracy family that was DD free. In 2014 we bought Hyperno in partnership with John Sylvester, Ced Wise, Peter Hughes and Mark Gubbins.

Hyperno is by Sitz Upward, a known structure improver and Hyperno was tested free of DD. Hyperno himself is super sound, he is the best footed bull in our Bull Battery, his depth of heel is exemplary. He is long bodied with plenty of body capacity. He has great neck extension and shoulder set. He moves like a gizelle. Interestingly, our northern clients are drawn to Hyperno’s structure, movement and skin/hair attributes. Five of the seven sons offered last year ended up in Queensland. Hyperno’s progeny averaged $9,200.

It is note worthy that Mark Gubbins used two Hyperno sons over his heifers and reported no more than usual assists.

The traits Hyperno excels in are RBY and NFI-F & P. He is a trait leader for RBY and he is in the top 1% of the breed for both NFI-F & P. We believe he will be longevity/stayability additive because he is a structure improver.

Going forward, structure and locomotion are two traits that most certainly will require attention, bulls such as Hyperno who also are additive to the traits mentioned above plus milk, will need considering.

We offer six Hyperno ‘M’ heifers, three of them achieved Dick Whale’s top heifer Grade 5.

We look forward with interest to our Hyperno heifers calving.

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