2023 Heifer Suitable Bulls

Each year we are asked to provide a list of what we believe to be the set of “Heifer Safe“ Sires from our Sale catalogue, please remember the Dulverton Heifer Performance Indicators that will assist in your reducing the likelihood of trouble at Calving

  1. Heifer Joining Weight 320kg that’s each individual not the Group Average
  2. Heifer Calving Weight 460kg
  3. Maintain heifers on adequate nutrition so as to achieve an even growth rate, spikes in the growth rate are undesirable they cause uneven foetus growth which can result in problems at Calving. Many Calving issues do result from too high a plane of nutrition during early pregnancy, that is, the nutritional pathway from dam to foetus maybe set at a level above and beyond that which can be maintained throughout the pregnancy. That being the case, the heifer will draw on her body reserves to maintain those preset levels of nutrition to the foetus. As a result the heifer will become weak and lack sufficient energy at time of calving to satisfactorily expel the calf, also if the nutrition is excessive early in the pregnancy the calf may end up too large at birth. Heifer management during the pregnancy needs to consider the above. Maintain even and adequate nutrition is the key.
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Sal & I hope this list helps, it is based on -:

  1. Pedigree performance, that is, sons from cows we may have used and proven safe or our Co-operator herds have proven to be heifer safe.
  2. Breedplan EBV’s
  3. Igenity Beef Profile data
  4. Physical shape, shoulder set, Pelvic Set up
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