2021 Dulverton Angus Bull Sale

Welcome to the Dulverton Angus Bull Sale

The Dulverton Angus Bull Sale will be held on 26th July 2021, 10am on farm with inspections from 9.30am.

2021 marks 40 years of Breeding astronomically awesome Angus for Sal & I. It has been a wonderful journey packed with some amazing experiences, achievements and of course the odd “leveller”.

The Sale will showcase 90 Bulls

WELL! I guess we have reached somewhat of a Milestone with Dulverton Angus, this year marks our 40th year of breeding the Dynamic Dulverton Angus.

It’s been such a wonderful ride; it only feels like yesterday that ANNIE A1 came into the world. Speaking of the Annies who would ever have thought that the fledgling family would have produced a Sydney Champion Female 1992 Annie G17 and The Sale topper at this year’s Female Production Sale Annie Q182 (twin) @ $15K.

I’m sure that Sal’s and my time at the University of Illinois (per favour of The Angus Judging School Scholarship Award and Dalgety’s) played a major role in the development of Dulverton. The Meat Science exposure has been extremely beneficial to our progression. Yet even after all these years we find it hard to acknowledge the Industry still has problems confronting the fundamental “People Eat Beef”, it is this phrase that has led to the Dulverton Mission Statement,

   “There is absolutely No other reason to produce Beef than to Satisfy the Eating Quality Expectations of the Consumer Consistently and Price Competitively”.

This Statement has set the scene for The Dulverton Selection criteria since the early 1990’s. The four Traits include-:

                 *Stayability, Fertility, Calving Ease, Calf rearing ability, Structural Soundness

                 *Feed Efficiency

                 *Eating Quality, Tenderness plus Juiciness & Flavour measured by Marbling

                 *Beef Yield, Bone, Muscle, Fat proportions.

We promote these Traits as the VALUE DETERMINING TRAITS, note that Breedplan does not calculate a Stayability Value I have crudely reported in the Catalogue in the Lot notes whether a prospective Lot records in the Top 50% for either three or four of the Breedplan measured V.D.T’s. For example Lot 8 Q156 Top 50% for 4 of 4 V.D.T’s.

We have provided you with the Igenity Beef data so as to include the all important Traits – Stayability and Carcase Measured Marbling a more accurate indicator of the all important consumer requirements for Juiciness and Flavour. We also report the Igenity Index in the Lot Notes, for example Lot 5 Q108 Igenity V.D.I. 62.5. Please feel free to discuss this concept with either Greg (0427 298 527) OR Dick Whale (0427 697 968).

We continue to be frustrated by the lack of pace re the progression from Statistical Models to Molecular re the all important Genetic Evaluation Systems. Watson & Crick unravelled the sequence of DNA 60 years ago, a Bovine Gene Map has been in place since the turn of the Millennium yet there still exists a huge inertia re adopting the 21st century approach to measuring genetic progress. This process best involves “Identifying the Markers that Locate (describe presence of) the sets of Genes that control the expression of the Value Determining Traits”.

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