The Work Bulls

Each year at Dulverton we select a number of Yearlings for use in the herd and occasionally to be used in Co-operator herds to prove their effectiveness as Calving Ease with adequate Growth specialists. This year we offer six (6) for want of a better term “Work Bulls”, five (5) of them have been used specifically over heifers, three (3) by Dulverton Kiwi K100 and two (2) by Carabar Gun Smoke J134.

Dulverton New Approach N056

Dulverton New Approach N056 will sell as Lot 2. We took the decision to use D. New Approach N056 over the set of thirty three (33) Cows we had ear-marked for our Female Production Sale (abandoned due to season). Thirty three is eight more than we would normally put with a Yearling, however he did weigh 530kg and his pedigree plus Breedplan figures supported the fact that if we kept the nutrition up to this joining group, he would cope. Note his 400 day growth +95 pointed to the fact he was mature enough to cope, so too his physical appearance. The Days to Calving (-6.5) and Scrotal (+2.1), the two Fertility supporting traits, supported his capability of covering the thirty three head.

Amazingly N56 settled all thirty three head in calf, his recovery has been tremendous consider his raw scan data.

Note his raw data is very impressive, only surpassed by N208 the E. Lotto L3 son we are keeping and are selling Semen out of. N208 was also used as a Yearling over a group of seventy four (74) M’s and L’s to mop up the A.I., the pregnancy check rate was a very creditable 92%.

Esslemont Lotto L3 has proven to be one of the best bulls we have used in our 38 years of breeding Angus. The raw data above illustrates his superiority in promoting Growth, adequate and even fat cover, powerful muscling, second to none IMF% with adequate Muscling and Scrotal.

Other features of N56’s pedigree include the Longevity coming down the dams pedigree, his immediate dam C259 has produced 9 Performance recorded progeny and is still active in the herd. Two of the sires on the Maternal side of the Pedigree Five Star Z51 and Dulverton Vanilla V49 both worked naturally beyond ten (10) years of age.

The Maternal Pedigree also boasts Dulverton Quantum Leap Q16, we proved Q16’S carcase prowess through the progeny test work where he averaged 4.2 for marbling (16) steer sons.

Dick Whale graded N56 a 7, James and Ted Laurie a 5 (their highest grade), all three were not only very impressed with N56 but also with the entire draft of Lotto sons.

Lot 2. Dulverton New Approach N056


More than happy to have used Kiwi K100, he is out of a Mandy cow (strongest Longevity cow family at Dulverton) and she, Dulverton Mandy X99 was twelve (12) when she delivered K100. Mandy X99 went on to produce us two more calves after K100, she delivered us twelve (12) analysed progeny. Don’t ever underestimate the value of Longevity as a profit driver in your herd.

K100 is in the top 8% C.E.D, Top 4% Gestation Length, Top 20% B.W, Top 40% 400 day growth, Top 20% Days To Calving, Top 30% Scrotal and Top 30% NFI-F.

Dulverton Kiwi K100 has been used extensively by A.I. in Commercial Angus Programmes over heifers with great success.

In two seasons Paul Redden “Locksley’ Purlewaugh reported having produced 106 live calves from 111 pregnancies.

Steve Wilkinson manager of Ian and Marg Bailey’s Greylands property “Glennies Creek” reported similar success rates.

Sal and I are keen to find another one in K100’s Class, to do so we might have to visit with Peter, Jennifer and Jock Hughes at Cluden Newry on the ‘Apple Isle’ to find another one as good as C.N. Equator F10

Dulverton Kiwi K100


Gun Smoke is unique. He is so strong for a wide range of Economically important traits including Calving Ease- (Top 10% Calving Ease Direct, Calving Daughters Top 20%, Top 5% Gestation Length);

Growth- Top 10% 400 day growth, Top 3% 600 day growth

Fertility- Top 20% Days to Calving

Value Determining Traits- Top 50% NFI-F, Top 20% IMF%

We have been aware for some time that producing “Heifer Bulls” that Calve easily is one thing, but to get Calving Ease combined with adequate enough growth to make heifers’ first calves worth comparable $$$’s to the older matrons calves in the herd is much more challenging. To achieve the above mentioned task requires an understanding of the Performance of both Dams and Sires Calving Ease to Growth relationship from generations deeper in the pedigree of the Individuals under consideration. The two (2) bulls we settled on to “mop”up the A.I. were N40 and N108, consider the Data:

Carabar Gun Smoke J134


N40 will sell as Lot 16, he is a long bodied, smooth, well laid in shoulder type with the ideal frame pattern to produce calves with the necessary growth potential to make them of comparable Value to calves from the more senior Dams in the herd, he recorded a growth rate 1.19kg/day (birth to scanning)

N40 has ideal bone shape (flat) and content to support ease of calving. Of all the bulls we used over the Spring joining, N40 and N208 made the quickest “recoveries”. He has the preferred slick hair and soft pliable skin. His Fat Distribution is very even, he measured 12 (p8) and 8 (rib) at Scanning.

N40 has a very interesting pedigree, one that truely does support Calving Ease with adequate growth. To begin with, he is by one of the best in Gun Smoke. On his maternal side he has calving ease coming from T.C. Franklin from the Dulverton Quinte Family, he has those awesome pelvis builders in Right Time 338, Dulverton Rebuild R112 and O’Neill’s Renovator. We shouldn’t forget how good a Calving Ease Bull Te Mania Kelp (a Renovator son) was.



N108 will sell as Lot 17. He is long bodied with a 45° shoulder set that is flat, helping to promote both Calving Ease and Mobility, his frame is sufficient to ensure progeny have adequate growth. His body capacity is above average and will maintain that important doability trait which is evident on both sides of his pedigree. Note the pelvic capacity and preferred roll from hip to pin while maintaining width at the pins. N108 has a very similar bone pattern to that of D. Kiwi K100, it’s Flat and medium content.

N108’s pedigree is also quite unique from a Calving Ease – Growth perspective. To begin with he too has Gun Smoke as his sire, see previous notes re Gun Smoke. His dam is by Haas GPS- top 1% both Calving Ease figures, top 3% G.L, top 30% B.W, top 12% 600 Day, top 3% Days to Calving and top 2% IMF%, amazing performance for assisting lock in Calving Ease and Growth. N108 also has one of the best pelvis builders used at Dulverton in Uptake U91, J.R Juice and Burthlene Patriot are two of the better Maternal Sires we have used.

Should you be looking for Calving Ease plus “over and above” Growth in your Heifer bull and are keeping heifers then definitely consider these two. We would suggest that to use them properly you should also follow the recommendation -:

  • 320kg Heifer at Joining
  • 460kg Heifer at Calving