Spring Cove Gentleman Jack

It’s a vendetta and very much an ongoing one for Sal and I, finding the most complete Angus sire with progeny data that supports that next Sire’s ability to pass on favourable sets of genes to improve the four (4) Value Determining Traits:

  • Maternal Stayability / Longevity
  • Feed Efficiency
  • Retail Beef Yield
  • Eating Quality

Over the years we have worked with like minded Seedstock Producers in the USA, people such as Fred Johnston at Summitcrest, Dean Bryant at Roseda Farms and more recently Tom Hill who has through his earlier employment at Agri-Beef been able to follow bulls through from the Cow Pasture to the Plate. Tom was actually with Dick Whale, Mark Gubbins, Jim Butcher and I the year we purchased B/R Double Vision from Bill Rishell. Unfortunately, Double Vision was a DD candidate and we didn’t even get his semen to Australia. Tim Grob spent time with Tom Hill tracing Sire progeny from the Cow Pasture through the Agri-Beef Supply Chain to the “Carton” ex-abattoir.

Dulverton Penny P152 (Lot 10)

Tom and Dick Whale have forged an on-going relationship and have uncovered a ‘Potential’ Sire who may just have fulfilled our goal of improving the four (4) Value Determining Traits, he is SPRING COVE GENTLEMAN JACK.

Tom has the following to say about Gentleman Jack,

            “Gentleman Jack checks all the boxes including:

  • Structured carcase evaluation
  • Time proven pedigree
  • Practical EPD’s
  • Elite cow family – The Carols are the brood cow power at Spring Cove Ranch originating in 1946. At the Spring Cove Bull Sale last year, Lots 1, 2, & 3 were all from the Carol Family.
  • Spring Cove Gentleman Jack’s Sire Sydgen 928 Destination 5420 was the standout sire in his young Sire structured evaluation test.
  • Spring Cove Gentleman Jack is recognised as the most progressive son of Sydgen 928 and his carcase marbling data ranks him in the Top 15% for Marbling (US EPD system).

Gentleman Jack is a maternal powerhouse, a bottom-line improver who is fault free and consistent”.

At Dulverton we are also extremely happy with the Gentleman Jack progeny, we have used him for two years in succession and so are able to offer four (4) PTIC maidens – Lot 2 P48, Lot 7 P69, Lot 8 P80 and Lot 10 P152, also one baby Lot 59 Q133.

The Gentleman Jacks will most definitely be outstanding females going forward and he will pass on favourable sets of genes for carcase marbling as his carcase proof in the US indicates.

Dulverton Impact P48 (Lot 2)
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