Profile N59 – Lot 46

The Bull

This fella is a very well put together son of Jackpot J267, he is larger framed and certainly longer bodied. N59 definitely one of the best footed bulls in the draft, his shoulder set is ideal to promote not only freedom of movement which he excels at, but also calving ease. The calf shoulder, to assist ease of calving doesn’t need to be too upright, it needs to lay at an angle say 45-60° to the vertical which helps ensure a freer passage through the birth canal of dam. N59 has soft, silky hair and very soft, pliable skin – a trait that our forebears contend correlates with superior Eating Quality. Note N59 is by Jackpot who has had progeny that performed so well on the MSA Index in the Angus Sire Benchmark program. Very impressed with N59’s muscle to bone ratio and his bone tends ‘flat’. His minimalistic bone content with well above average musculature certainly assists promote fact that he will score well for Retail Yield.

The Bull’s Performance

Perhaps the most exciting thing about N59’s performance is his Top 50% ranking for the Fertility Traits – Days to Calving –4.1, Scrotal +1.8; and the Value Determining Traits +0.17 NFI-F, +0.3 RBY and +1.9 IMF%. Every chance N59 will Marble, he is by Jackpot J267 who was ranked 4/41 for Marbling in the Angus Young Sire Benchmark Program. This fella really does have the potential to add value to programs by adding value to Stayability (His own structure plus his recorded Fertility traits, check out his maternal stayability in pedigree section). N59 scanned 104cm2 for EMA (709kg) suggesting our estimation of his ability to pass on positive muscling is substantiated. In addition the fact that he has scanned 6mm p8 fat and 4mm Rib fat further indicates he has a sufficient and very evenly distributed fat cover. N59 is a super performer. He is an improver for the $$$ dollar drivers Maternal Stayability, Feed Efficiency, Retail Yield and Eating Quality.

The Bull’s Pedigree

N59’s sire D. Jackpot J267 by B. Frankel, most may never know how good Frankel is/could have been (thanks to DD). Frankel definitely one of the greatest contributors to the Value Determining Traits NFI-F Top 1%; RBY Top 1%; IMF% Top 55% and of course he Marbled 5/44 in his Cohort of the Angus Sire Benchmark Program. Add to this his Top 25% Days to Calving and Top 10% Scrotal setting himself well above the pack for Fertility and by inference Maternal Stayability (although sadly we still don’t measure this all important Value Determining Trait). J267’s dam D. Dell B112 is by Five Star Yaramdu Y29 (a very good outcross possibility) who is by the Circle A 2000, a superior calving ease to growth performer. On the dam side Y29 incorporates B/R New Design 036 and the Te Mania Lowan family. We used Yaramdu Y29 for two seasons as a heifer bull—he was a ‘special’ and to gain some ‘outcross’ genes. Lot 46: Dulverton Nimble Foot N059 N59’s dam D. Mittagong G111 is by TC Franklin no doubt one of the best maternal sires used at Dulverton . G111 has a pedigree stacked with Maternal Longevity including D. Mittagong T84 who presented 14 analysed progeny, and D. Mittagong V184 produced 8 performance analysed progeny. Included in G111’s pedigree is a double cross to one of the first Marbling proven sire (in the USA) Gardens Prime. We believe N59 is well worth the second look

Lot 46: Dulverton Nimble Foot N059
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