Profile N119

The Bulls

Dick Whale graded him a 6, James and Ted Laurie a 5.

N119 is a moderate framed, deep bodied Bull with that trademark Lotto L3 body capacity and do-ability.

N119 moves really well, has good feet, a tight sheath, plenty of pelvic capacity combined with the preferred pelvic shape. His skin and hair are ideal.

The Bull Performance

Fertility still the No.1 profit driver in any beef operation, N119 has ideal fertility EBV’s – Days to Calving (-6.0), scrotal (+2.1), he measured 39cm (Group average 40). N119 Growth right on target his EBV’s (Birth Weight +4.7, 400 Day +93, 600 Day +121) support his performance of 1.07kg/day since birth. N119’s EBV for IMF% is (+2.8) he scanned 6.1% which was 7% above group average.

The Bulls Pedigree

N119’s dam C226 is still active, to date she has had 9 progeny analysed. Longevity certainly a strength, her sire Dulverton Alfred A203 worked really well in the Chale Angus Herd (of the late John Wear) and very much still active for Josie Wear. Dulverton C226 is a heifers first calf, her dam Z16 was by one of the best Maternal Longevity promoters we have ever used in New Frontier 095. Dulverton Alfred A203 was by Prairie Edge Marbul Design 931, arguably one of the best Marbling and Saleable Yield sires used in the breed, he was proven by Dean Bryant through his Roseda Farms Retail outlets in the USA.

Lot 9. Dulverton New Approach N119
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