Profile N110

The Bull

Dick Whale graded him a 5, James and Ted Laurie a 5. Esslemont Lotto L3 has certainly ‘stamped’ his set of 14 Sale Bulls here at Dulverton, N110 follows the pattern he too is of moderate frame, he exhibits good body length, plenty of body capacity, his skin is so soft and pliable and his hair is slick. We haven’t seen one who shows any excess sheath he’s no exception and his pelvic shape ideal. Muscularity and mobility are pluses.

The Bulls Performance

N110 has performed above management group average for all four measured performance traits, his daily gain of 1.12kg/day rates him 5% above group average, his EMA (104 to IMF% (7.1) is very unique, worth mentioning we don’t have many bulls scan in excess of 7.0%. He measured 40cm for scrotal, his fertility EBV’s (–5.1) days to calving and (+1.9) ??? Also support fertility.

N110’s easy finishing ability and the fact that he sits in the Top 20% for Heavy Grass Fed Index would suggest he is very suitable for producers targeting Pasture fed labels.

The Bulls Pedigree

Maternal longevity, is very strong, N110’s dam E135 is still active and has had 8 progeny analysed, E135 is a heifers first calf. Other longevity promoters include T61—10 calves analysed, V52 8 calves analysed and P67 13 calves analysed. T61 is by successful carcase proven sire Dulverton Quantum Leap Q16, a carcase selected embryo mating from Summitcrest Ohio (see website for more detail re Q16’s carcase data). V52 is by Tinamba Numbers N62, the bull who performed so well in the very first Feed Efficiency work. That’s it we have been concerned about the economically important traits – female longevity and Feed Efficiency for as long as we can remember. Don’t miss him!!!!

Lot 8. Dulverton New Approach N110
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