Profile – Lot 50 – N246

The Bull

Dulverton Nijinsky N246 is a full brother to the Carrabar Gun Smoke J134 x Dulverton Mittagong K204 (Booroomooka Frankel F510 daughter), Dulverton Megadlia M028. M028, K204’s first calf has been retained in the Stud and was used alongside Esslemont Lotto L3, Springcove Gentleman Jack as one of the main AI sires over the Dulverton cows to produce the ‘Q’ calves. M028 is also a sire in the Angus Benchmark Program, his first calves are due shortly.

Dick Whale graded N246 a 5 and James and Ted Laurie a 4, we think he maybe a smidgen better than that. His Dam is a Frankel gem we flushed her to Lotto L3 in the spring and should he follow in the steps of his brother I’m sure he will be recognised as a potential bull breeding sire.

N246 is a moderate framed long bodied youngster with ample body capacity. As is the case with his brother he moves like a Gazelle he is set up on very good feet and legs and is one of the better do-ability types in the draft. N246 exhibits a B muscle pattern and has a slick coat and soft pliable skin.

The Bulls Performance

N246 performed above average for three of the four performance traits, we are particularly happy that he registered 5.4% for IMF (6% above group average) considering he measured 4mm p8 and 3mm rib fatness, group average was 5mm and 3.8mm respectively. Fertility is strongly positive –5.0 Days to Calving (Top 35%) and +2.0 for Scrotal (Top 40%). Bulls like N246 do have a much greater chance of arresting beef’s declining performance at retail, note how powerful he is for the Value Determining Traits, he is in the Top 16% for NFI-F and Top 20% for Retail Beef Yield, thereby going someway (genetically at least) to improving price competitiveness at the counter. The fact that he is able to combine performance of Top 35% for IMF%, the Eating Quality trait (seen as being antagonistic with RBY and NFI-F ) is amazing it will assist satisfy the consumers expectations for Eating Quality.

N246 is in the Top 9% for Angus Breeding and Heavy Grass Indexes and Top 13% for Domestic and Heavy Grain indexes.

The Bull’s Pedigree

Its good when a plan show’s signs of working if only in some small way. We purchased Booroomooka Frankel F510 to attempt to benefit from the carcase merit of the females in his pedigree, including a daughter of Summitcrest Blackcap Mary E210 by Summitcrest Scotchcap OB45. Tracy T4 is a true carcase improving individual from the Summitcrest herd which was owned by the Inaugural Chairman of CAB—Mr Fred Johnstone a man committed to improving Eating Quality. We followed Frankel with another son who included B.Tracy T4 in the pedigree, Carrabar Gun Smoke J134, Note that Gun Smoke J134 also has TeMania Berkeley and CA Future Direction in his pedigree. CA Future Direction is still in the Top 30% for RBY and IMF%.

I guess is hasn’t been an accident that we have been able to produce a bull like N246 with such wonderful performance for the Value Determining traits of NFI-F, RBY and Eating Quality (IMF%).

The Dulverton Blaster B111 a Right Time 338 son has been able to assist concentrate these Value Determining traits in this N246 pedigree. The maternal longevity in this pedigree is also worth a mention, note that A98 (10 progeny analysed), N005 (10 progeny analysed), K009 (7 progeny analysed) and a foundation cow TeMania Mittagong C65 (11 progeny analysed) have all contributed in this regard.

We can’t wait for the NFI-F and carcase data form the progeny of Dulverton Megadlia M028, Dulverton Nijinsky’s full brother, such data will further add to the value of both bulls. Don’t overlook this N246 opportunity, sure he isn’t proven yet but he is a lot closer then most.

Lot 50: Dulverton Nijinsky N246
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