Profile Lot 4 – N128

The Bull

Dick Whale graded him a 7, James and Ted Laurie a 5 (their top Grade). We recently finished videoing a group of this year’s sale bulls and have posted them on the Dulverton Website—, I must say I really couldn’t believe how well our set of 14 Lotto L3 sons walk out. Mobility in the Australian beef producing environments is a Trait of paramount importance and the freedom of movement of these Lottos is a real positive. N128 ranks amongst the Top 2 or 3 movers in this sale draft, he has an ideal shoulder set and neck extension to not only promote freedom of motion but as importantly the correct shape in calf progeny to ensure calving ease.

N128 has near perfect feet with accompanying depth of heel, he scores 41 for musculature ranking him equal second for the trait in this year’s draft.

The Lottos as a group are super easy doing, this fella is no exception he also has the preferred soft pliable skin and soft silky hair.

The Bull’s Performance

New Approach N128 performs above average for all four measured performance traits. He is Number 1 Lotto (12 sons) for growth rate in his management group at 1.13kg/day. He scanned 105cm2 for EMA rating him 6% above his group average, three Lottos in this management group scanned 6.1% for IMF, N128 is one of these. He measured 40cm for scrotal, right on group average.

N128 measured 8mm for p8 fat and 6mm for Rib Fat against the group averages of 7.4 and 5.5mm respectively. N128 ranks in the Top 10% for 200 day growth and so he will promote that early establishment growth talked about earlier. He is in the Top 40% for NFI-F and Top 20% for IMF. His bone set up is flat and reasonably minimal plus his slightly negative fat with extremely even distribution and adequate muscling should promote improved Retail Yield outcomes.

We are keen on his fertility –5.3 Days to Calving and +1.9 Scrotal

The Bull’s Pedigree

I guess we do keep ‘banging on’ about Eating Quality at Price Competitive rates, have to say that D. Dianna D115’s sire Prairie Edge Marbul Design 931 is a true Proven Champion of this cause. Proven by Dean Bryant of Roseda Farms in the USA. Please consider a valuable quotation of Dean’s; “At Roseda, we can’t afford to Single Trait. We interact on a weekly basis with commercial herds, custom feedlots, processors, retail stores, restaurants and consumers. We buy 100% of the steers from our commercial herd partners who keep the heifers as replacements. We custom feed the steers, have them slaughtered and then merchandise directly to wholesalers, retailers and consumers. This is not a chiller grading/sorting program. Virtually all the steers purchased go to the consumer with the Roseda Logo. Bottom line being that Roseda genetics have to perform well at each stage of the production cycle. 931 proved himself first as a commercial sire before entering the purebred ranks as our leading stud sire. He is not the best at any one trait, but offers the best combination of economically important traits.”

Despite Marbul Design 931 average IMF% EBV he is a proven carcase marbler!

These steer progeny were slaughtered at 16 months.

The other ‘Impact Sires’ in the Dulverton herd back in N128’s pedigree include JR Juice, O’Neill’s Crusader and O’Neill’s Mr America. Crusader produced some of the best ‘depth of heel’ progeny seen at Dulverton and the muscling of his progeny along the top into the chine was exemplary.

N128’s maternal pedigree is stacked with maternal longevity. D. Dianna D115 is still active in the herd and Kath K32 presented 14 analysed progeny and Dianna Q26 (a JR Juice daughter) 13 analysed progeny.

Lot 4: Dulverton New Approach N128
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