Profile Lot 3 – N126

The Bull

Dick Whale graded him a 7 (his top Grade), James and Ted Laurie a 5 (their top Grade). Thinking this fellow is a genuine Stud Sire (bull breeding prospect), its doubtful we have bred one with this Power and Presence. He gets his power from his body capacity, note Dick rated him a 40 for capacity, and his exceptional muscling rated 41 for visual muscling ranking him equal second in the draft. N126 has near perfect feet, his body length and neck extension is ideal, the shoulder set (see photo) does enable him to walk out and to present himself by ’displaying’ his head. As is the case with the Lotto’s he exhibits tremendous doability and evenness of fat cover. Temperament, as is the case with Lotto’s—exemplary.

The Bulls Performance

N126 has performed above Group average for all four measured performance traits. His daily gain of 1.09kg/day ranks him 2% above Group average; his EMA scan of ranks him 6% above Management Group average; his fat scans support the fact that we already commented on how even his fat distribution is they measure 6mm p8 and 6mm rib; his IMF% scan of 6.5% ranks him 14% above Group average.

Spread Birthweight (+4.0) to 600 day growth is very commendable, note N126 is in the Top 5% for all three growth figures. As is the case with the Lotto’s N126 is super for Fertility, he ranks in the Top 20% for Days to Calving and the Top 4% for Scrotal.

It is very difficult to understand why N126 should register such a high Fatness EBV, note he is +1.9 for Rib fat and +1.1 for Rump fat, in his Management Group he scanned 6mm for Rib fat (Group average 6.1) and 6mm for Rump fat (Group average 7.3). Strongly of the opinion that N126 will suit those wanting to pursue a Pasture Fed label. Note he is in the Top 7% for the Heavy Grass Index and Top 1% Angus Breed Index

The Bulls Pedigree

N126 boasts a very interesting pedigree. The Maternal pedigree has Mohnen Dynamite as the Maternal Grand Dam sire, we still think highly of Dynamite, his daughters are performing, so too the daughters of his champion son Dulverton Feature F221, our F221 daughters have produced three of our five ‘N’ heifers to scan over 8.0% for IMF, F221 was second top priced bull at out 2012 Bull Sale – thanks Tony Seymour. No doubting Dynamite a contributor to the power exhibited by N126. Some of the other ‘all time greats’ on the maternal side of the pedigree include Design Plus’97, GDAR Oscar 711, GV Power Drive (Uncle Jim), Dulverton Statesman S25 (VDAR New Trend 315 x Summitcrest Pixie 2B04) – a Summitcrest embryo designed to promote Eating Quality and Saleable Yield.

Maternal longevity very evident, Dulverton Evilent J200 still active has had four progeny analysed, her dam F61 still active has had six progeny analysed, V12 and N005 have both had 11 progeny analysed.

The Paternal pedigree on the Dulverton Evilent J200 side contains , the super ‘long lasting’ matron Glenoch Flower L38, plenty of Maternal longevity there herself a daughter the mighty GT Maximum G88. The TeMania Dandloo and Wargonna cow families also represented.

No doubting the fact that N126 has a pedigree stacked with many breed stalwarts, his powerful form is a function of this ‘blending’.

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