Profile Lot 18 – N130

The Bull

Dick Whale graded him a 6, James and Ted Laurie a 5 (their top Grade). N130 is an upstanding, long and deep bodied Dulverton Jackpot J267 son with an ideal shoulder placement and set. He displays the customary J267 muscle, note Dick scored him equal 2nd for visual muscling with a score of 41 – a strong B. N130 has what we refer to as near perfect bone, plenty adequate enough to support and propel his Midmaturity patterned frame, yet not so ’heavy’ so as to reduce the all important Value Determining Trait Retail Yield, his bone is flat. The N130 bull displays the preferred Pelvis shape, note the angle of ’thurl bones’ setting the pin bones slightly below the hip, the pins are spaced wide apart. There are very few bulls in this draft with skin as soft and pliable as N130, he also has that slick soft hair, both traits closely correlated with Eating Quality and Do-ability.

The Bull’s Performance

N130 has performed above group average for three of the four performance traits, growth 2% above group average; EMA 4% above group average and scrotal right on group average at 40cm. N130 is fatter than group average, he scanned 9mm p8 fat (average 7.3mm) and 6mm for RIB fat (average 6.1mm). N130’s fatness is ideal. Fertility is a strong suite for N130, he is –4.5 for Days to Calving and +2.1 for Scrotal. N130’s performance data does suggest he is in the top half of the breed for the all important Value Determining Traits NFI-F +0.14; RBY +0.4 and IMF% +1.4. Believe this bloke will be well suited to the PASTURE PRODUCTION LABELS.

The Bull’s Pedigree

Well he does have a stand up start re fulfilling a role as a positive contributor in a programme dedicated to satisfying consumer expectations for Eating Quality, he is by Dulverton Jackpot J267 who was ranked 2/41 Sires represented in Cohort 6 of the Angus Sire Benchmark Program for MSA Index and 4/41 Sires for Carcase measured Marbling. Jackpot himself is by B. Frankel who also performed really well for carcase measured marbling in his Cohort of the Angus Sire Benchmark Program ranking 5/44. The well recognised carcase performing sires represented in J267’s maternal pedigree include B/R New Design 036 and GAR Precision 1680. One of the first sires proven to be both positive for carcase marbling and contribute to positive Retail Yield by being muscle additive and negative for fatness is in the bottom side of J267’s pedigree, he is Premiere Independence. N130’s dam F96 who has produced 6 analysed progeny and is still active in the herd is by a son of one of our favourite all time Sires in Hyline Right Time 338. F96’s sire D. Durabul D35 is out of V130, one of a handful of cows here to have produced 14 analysed progeny. That maternal longevity is a trait very much worth striving for. A sire that also adds longevity from F96’s side of the pedigree is D. Rebuild R112. He was still working under natural paddock conditions at 12 years of age.

Lot 18 Dulverton Nimble Foot N130

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