Part 2 – Bull Purchase Guide

Helping you with your 2018 Dulverton Bull purchase.

We have decided to put together a number of hopefully helpful articles re this year’s draft of bulls that might just help in your decision making process with respect to your Dulverton bull purchase for 2018.

ARTICLE 2 – Selecting All Rounders

Pure breeding is fundamentally about “concentrating” sets of favourable genes from both male and females within the population (mob). De Quincey summarised the phenomena as ‘likes begets like’. That’s it, matching sires to groups of females with similar sets of favourable genes for the economically important traits is how we see our role here at Dulverton in providing you our valued bull clients with superior Angus bulls for your specific tasks.

Throughout our Angus breeding careers Sal and I have strived for maternal excellence. To that end we have researched pedigrees and back in the early 1990’ put together embryo packages from the founding carcase herd in the USA – Summicrest. Mr Fred Johnson principal of Summicrest was the Founding Father of Certified Angus Beef. Fred was a true believer in the fact that there is only one reason to produce beef and that is to satisfy the eating quality expectations of the beef consumer not only consistently but also price competitively. We came away from Summitcrest with embryos that produced Dulverton Quantum Leap Q16, Dulverton Pixie Q12 and Pixie Q29 plus Dulverton Statesman S25.

Check the website notes on Q16 note he marbles at 4.2 (16 progeny) no steam flakers, consistent daily gain of background steers etc. progeny fed 286 days, that is his marbling expression relied very much on his genetic propensity as the ‘environmental’ factors (ration, pre-feedlot entry management) no where near as controlled as today.

Concentrating Pedigrees

We didn’t purchase the walking rights of Booroomooka Frankel F510 by accident his maternal pedigree is as good as there is in the Angus breed for promoting The Value Determining Traits – eating quality (by inference marbling), retail beef yield and NFI-F. An investigation of Booroomooka Tracey Z5’s, value determining traits does illustrate that she is above breed average for the three, Top 25% for RBY, Top 40% for IMF and Top 5% for NFI-F. Note Tracy Z5 is 14 years old. Booroomooka Tracey Z5 is out of Booroomooka Tracy T4 herself a daughter of Summitcrest Blackcap Mary E210 a cow Sal and I were impressed with when we selected the donor cows at Summitcrest that produced Dulverton Quantum Leap Q16, Statesman S25 and the two Pixie cows Q12 and Q29.

Having secured Booroomooka Frankel F510 and being impressed with his physical attributes we decided to go and find a bull with Booroomooka Tracy T4 in the pedigree, we actually went one better than that we found Carabar Gunsmoke J134 who not only had BooroomookaTracy T4 on the maternal side of pedigree but was out of a cow Carabar Blackcap Mary F93 by Bon View New Design1407. Booroomooka Tracey Z5 is also by Bon View New Design1407. We purchased Carabar Gunsmoke J134 and have used him over as many of the Booroomooka Frankel F510 daughters as we possibly could. Note that the Carabar Blackcap Mary F93 cow isn’t as potent as the Booroomooka Tracey Z5 in being able to record above average for all three “value determining traits”, she isn’t too bad though recording a +5.6 EBV for EMA – Top 35%, she is Top 15% for IMF% and Top 45% for NFI-F.

The Nine Gunsmoke Progeny From Frankel Daughters In The Sale.

The mating of Gunsmoke J134 to the Booroomooka Frankel F510 daughters has produced nine sons who made the Sale – see the table.


  • Lot 7 M130 does have Dulverton Liquidator L58 who was the product of a set of embryos we imported in the early 1990’s. That pedigree boasts Scotchcap and the extremely maternal Blackcap Lady 3187 GDAR a daughter QAS Traveller 23-4. Note M130 in the top 25% for Calving Ease and top 10% for Gestation Length. Maternal granddam reared 9 progeny including 3 retained in the Stud.


  • Lot 34 M193 is a twin. He does have Gardens Prime Time and Premier Independence both used in the Summitcrest herd for their marbling prowess, in this pedigree. The other marbling bull back in his maternal pedigree is JR Juice. Fertility a strength, M193 top 15% Days to Calving. Maternal grandam reared 14 progeny, expect longevity to be a plus with M193, V130 has two daughters retained in the Stud.


  • Lot 45 M273 He could really be a genuine marbler, not only does he have the combined contribution from those two great 1407 cows B. Tracey Z5 and C. Blackcap Mary F93 he also combines from the paternal side of Gunsmoke J134, TeMania Berkeley B1 a trait leader for IMF% @ +3.7. In addition the maternal side of his pedigree boasts our Summitcrest imported embryo female – Dulverton Pixie Q12 and that mating was put together to promote both marbling and RBY. Maternal grandam Pixie A221 has 5 females retained in the Stud.


  • Lot 46 M276 As well as combining one of our preferred Functionality sires Nichols Extra K205 this fella is from the longevity powerhouse family – The Mandy’s his dam has reared 7 progeny and still going strong with one heifer retained in the stud and two having been sold at our female sale. M276’s dam sold to David and Prue Bonfield and K86 to John Clark. For those of you that are interested in Index’s note that he is:-
    • In top 1% for Angus Breed Index
    • In top 5% for Domestic Index
    • In top 5% for Heavy Grain Index
    • In top 1% for Heavy Grass Index


  • Lot 58 M034 Wow, there’s some power here for a heifers first calf top 5% 200 day growth, top 5% 400 day growth and top 1% 600 day growth. Maternal pedigree is very strong for the value determining traits with Dulverton Blaster B111 being +2.7 for RBY and -0.40 for NFI-F and his sire Hyline Right Time 338 being +0.5 for RBY, +1.7 marbling and -0.67 (top 1%) for NFI-F. Hyline Right Time 338 is also a trait leader for scrotal +3.5 Note M34was born unassisted out of a first calf heifer and born early. Does this mean he is suitable for use over maiden heifers? He isn’t excessive in the bone we do think though there are plenty of ‘safer’ options. We are content that this sort of performance comes from our maiden heifers. If you go back to Berkley B1 notice he is a trait leader for Calving Ease and Gestation Length.


  • Lot 59 M243 Does satisfy two of the three value determining traits at well above average performance Top 35% IMF%, Top 30% NFI-F. The Fertile Valley King has proven to be a maternal maestro – Note Dulverton Xtol D16 his daughter has two females retained in Stud
    • Dulverton Xtol J68 dam of M243 and Xtol L122 retained in stud as a heifer
    • Dulverton Xtol K113, K113 is the dam of Lot 1 in the Sale Dulverton Musgrave M21 used over the heifers.

Great to see such potent performance in the maternal side of this pedigree. ‘The King’ introduces a dimension of unrelated blood, being a Canadian import with very few relatives in the Australian Angus population.

  • Lot 64 Maternal granddam a Dulverton Uptake U91 stalwart delivered and reared ten unassisted progeny including Dulverton Queen F23 dam of Dulverton Herbert H8 (8 sons averaged $12k in last years sale) and the potential chart stopper in Dulverton Nothin Leica Dane N3 -retained for stud duties (see photo on the website). M239 has three of the best pelvis builders in the business in his pedigree – Nichols Extra K205 (sire of Dulverton Queen F23), Booroomooka Frankel F510 and Dulverton Uptake U91. M239 is above breed average for all three Value Determining Traits – RBY, IMF, and NFI-F, plus top 10% for Angus breeding and Heavy Grass index’s and top 15% for Domestic and Heavy Grain.


  • Lot 68 M241 has the King on the maternal side of his pedigree. Should you be thinking the matching of Booroomooka Tracy T4 and 1407 is becoming to close then don’t overlook M241 as ‘The King’ a Canadian import introduces a degree of unrelated blood. Dulverton Wilcoola E68 has three daughters retained in the stud H207, J187 and K192. Note K192 has her first calf M4 retained in the stud.


  • Lot 70 M298 Six of the nine Gunsmoke J134 from Frankel daughters in this sale have performed at or above breed average for the three value determining traits, note M298 is one those. M298 is in the top 5% for both Angus Breeding and Heavy Grass indexes and top 10% for Domestic and heavy grain. M298’s dam C156 is very dual purpose, she has two daughters retained in the stud, she is the dam of Lot 5 M71 who we used in the Stud, she has produced nine progeny to date and is by Dulverton Uptake U91 ensuring longevity plus adaptation ability in Northern Australia. M298’s dam Xtol J72’s first calf L45 sold to the Austen Partnership in last years sale for $11,000. As very strong maternal family and being able to double up the 1407, Tracy T4 will help ensure M298 a winner.


  • Pure breeding about ‘concentrating’ sets of favourable genes from both male and female – ‘like begets like’.
  • There is no other reason to produce beef other than to satisfy the eating quality expectations of the beef consumer not only consistently but also price competitively. Hence our total dedication to the value determining traits:
    • Eating Quality (note the major void in our genetic evaluation systems for eating quality. We are limited by Breedplan to IMF% which does have a meagre relationship with marbling that in turn does explain some of the juiciness/flavour components of eating quality).
    • Retail Beef Yield
    • Net Feed Intake – Feedlot. NFI-F measure by far the most robust.
  • We bred Carabar Gunsmoke J134 to as many Booroomooka Frankel F510 daughters as we could to concentrate the favourable sets of genes the Booroomooka Tracy T4 cow and Bon View Design 1407 (plus others), exhibit for the value determining traits.
  • Six of the nine Carabar Gunsmoke J134 cross Booroomooka Frankel F510 females score above breed average for the three Value Determining Traits – RBY, IMF, and NFI-F.
  • Should you be concerned re ‘the over concentration’ of the T4, Z5, 1407 ‘blood’ then look to bulls from within this group with very much unrelated maternal grand dam ‘blood’ e.g. Lot 59 and Lot 68 (M243 and M241) both carry ‘The King” an unrelated Canadian import.
  • Eight of the nine Lots are well above breed average for calving ease and gestation length. All of them are above breed average for Days to Calving – we maintain our No1 focus on fertility and live calves born.
  • We kept the best one! As testament to the fact that we believe categorically in that which we have shared with you above, we have kept Dulverton Megadlia M28. Why?
    • He has the pedigree that includes Frankel and Gunsmoke. Maternal pedigree powerful and ‘different’ Hyline Right Time 338, Prairie Edge Marbul Design 931 (a proven marbler – see our website article re Dean Bryant’s work at Roseda Farms with 931), O’Neills Northern Errol (longevity), O’Neills Renovator and TeMania Mittagong C65.
    • Because of the TeMania Mittagong we will be using M28 over TeMania Kilkenny K912 females.
    • Born early out of a heifer, he was the heaviest in his group at scanning, measured 40cm scrotal was equal 2nd, EMA scan @ and highest IMF% scan @ 6.0% at 400 days.
    • Ideal phenotype – slick hair, soft skin, great body capacity, ideal minimal bone and strong bottom jaw. He’ll do us!!
    • He is above breed average for all three Value Determining Traits – RBY, IMF, and NFI-F.

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