Mastering Eating Quality

Lot 34 – Dulverton Pharlap P055
Lot 70 – Dulverton Poets Voice P319

These two guys are SUPER SUPER unique to the all important eating quality traits – TENDERNESS & MARBLING. Remember marbling (Carcase Measured Marbling) is the best measure currently available to identify the Consumers liking of Juiciness & Flavour.

Why are they so unique?

They have both scored 10’s as per the Igenity/Neogen scoring, for the ultra important traits – TENDERNESS & MARBLING

What does a 10 score mean?

Igenity/Neogen provide a Genetics Effects Table that relates their scores (1-10) for their suite of traits with those traits corresponding Molecular Breeding Values (MBV) or expected genetic effects. The MBV is the prediction of how future progeny of a Sire, in this case D.Pharlap P55 & D.Poets Voice P319 are expected to perform compared to the progeny of other profiled animals.

A “10” for tenderness means that o.55kg’s less shear force is needed to break the muscle fibres than the base. To determine the likely tenderness result where these two 10’s are joined to untested cows then halve the MBV. Note this 0.55kg less force is the Genetic contribution and not the actual total amount. The total amount will be dependant on environmental factors, such as ‘rearing conditions’. Remember our definition for tenderness is ‘The Resistance to the Bite’ the less resistance the more tender, the less the shear force value the more tender the sample.

A ’10’for Marbling means that these two bulls have the genetic potential to increase MSA Marble score by 142 Units. Once again this is the amount of variation that is attributed to the genes for Marbling it won’t be the actual expression as the actual is a combination of the genetic contribution and the management/environmental factors, days on feed, age, how the animal was reared etc.

Now if your cows had been tested and produced scores of 10 for Marbling then by mating P055 & P319 to them the resultant progeny would have the genetic potential to shift MSA Marble Score 142 units, that is you could shift an MSA Marble Score 430 to a MSA Marble score 570 that is moving a Mid Aus-Meat 2 to a low Aus-Meat 4. If you don’t have data for your cows then halve the MBV – 70 units improvement. This will shift that MSA430 to MSA500 which is shifting the Mid Aus-Meat 2 to a Mid Aus-Meat 3.

No doubting the value of these two Magic Men re their abilities to assist the process of getting people back to beef.

Dulverton PharLap P055 reckons he’s got the added advantage of being in the herd rebuild group, he is considered Heifer Safe.