Major Female Attractions

Providing an attraction, something that is unique is an important function re fulfilling one’s role / obligation in staging a Female Production Sale. That attraction for this sale is the offering of an Esselmont Lotto L3 female. We will put two heifers by Lotto L3 up and the successful ‘bidder’ will select his/her preferred heifer.

The two heifers are Dulverton Wilcoola N146 and Dulverton Pixie N171.

Dulverton Wilcoola N146 (Esselmont Lotto L3 x Dulverton Wilcoola J187)

N146 traces back to Dulverton Wilcoola R109, founding dam of the Wilcoolas, born in 1996 from the ET mating of GV Power Drive (Uncle Jim), with St Pauls Wilcoola N16. R109 fulfils three of our most valued traits at above breed average in 2016 – Calving ease (top 35%), Retail Yield (top 10%) and NFI-F (top 5%), a great effort for a calf born 20 years ago!

N146’s maternal grand dam E68 has weaned her 7th calf, a bull by Lotto L3 and along with J187 has two other daughters retained in the stud. FV 20K King sire of E68 has performed well in producing moderate framed easy doing maternally focused cows with thickness and body capacity, they milk well. King’s dam was identified by the Canadian Agricultural Research Institute as an elite female for fertility, calving ease, stayability / longevity, calf weaning weight. Other sires in the pedigree who have worked well for us include GDAR Oscar, ONeills Renovator, Design Plus 97, JLB Exacto and Booromooka Frankel.

Dulverton Pixie N171 (Esselmont Lotto L3 x Dulverton Pixie J189)

In the late 1980’s / early 1990’s we were very keen to find Angus cattle to add to our breeding program that were not only productive (fertile, grew reasonably well, survived and stayed in the herd) but that also added the valuable eating quality, retail beef yield and feed efficiency traits. After researching widely we settled on the Summitcrest herd of Mr Fred Johnson. Fred was the founding Chairman of the Certified Angus Beef Program (CAB) and was passionate re breeding cattle that would produce beef that “People could eat”. Fred’s preliminary work at the time pointed to bulls such as Gardens Prime Time, VDAR New Trend 315 (how right he was, 315 being the sire of 036), and Premiere Independence.

We selected three heifers at Summitcrest, they had to be out of cows by Independence and be by Mark Slagles bull Slagle Angus Direct Drive, the heifers were bred to New Trend 315. The three heifers included Pixie 2B04 (Pixie Q12’s dam) Erica B100 (Pixie Q29’s dam) and Blackcap B144 (Quantum Leap Q16’s dam) see website for notes re Quantum Leap’s carcase performance. Pixie Q12 and Pixie Q29 both proved themselves to be worthy contributors to the Dulverton program. Q12 produced 14 calves and Q29 produced 12. Of note is the fact that the Booroomooka Tracy T5 cow is out of a Summitcrest embryo – Scotchcap OB45 x Blackcap Mary E210. The B. Tracey T5 cow carried a double cross to Scotchcap (who did marble well) and a single dose of Premiere Independence. This is why we were involved in the purchase of Booroomooka Frankel and Booroomooka Hyperno. It’s also why we purchased Carabar Gunsmoke J134, he has the Summitcrest Blackcap Mary E210 on the bottom side of his pedigree. We are now able to line breed to the superior carcase and stayability as proven by our Q12, Q29 and B. Tracey T5; to the bloodlines from our own Summitcrest embryo purchase.

The Pixie Q12 family certainly exhibits amazing longevity / stayability, Q12 herself producing 13 progeny from S140 through to E186 without missing a calf. Q12’s first daughter Pixie T93 by Rebuild R112 (GV Power Drive x Dulverton Quinte G12) produced 14 progeny without missing a beat. Longevity / Stayability is a feature of what we do. Q12’s 095 daughter Pixie Z149 produced 11 herd additive progeny.

Dulverton Wilcoola N171 not only combines all those carcase performing animals in her maternal pedigree, but she is by the young boom sire in Esselmont Lotto L3 –


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