Profile Lot 44 – N326

The Bull

Dick Whale graded him a 6, James and Ted Laurie a 5 (their top Grade). This youngster is a very complete package, he combines a moderate frame with very acceptable body length, great body capacity, visually evident musculature note the indicators including depth of loin, fullness of stifle, prominent forearm and his ‘rounded’ butt shape. In addition he has the ideal bone content and his bone is ‘flat’.

N326 exhibits the important mid maturity pattern, he has a very even and adequate fat cover and his hair is soft and silky. In the absence of absolute Eating Quality data, soft pliable skin, soft silky hair, even and adequate fat distribution are still important guides as to Eating Quality – unfortunate but true! It is doubtful there is a better footed bull in the draft than this fella, note the depth of heel in particular. N326 is also strong in the pasterns and has sufficient flex in both pasterns and hocks promoting near perfect movement.

The Bull’s Performance

N326 is the youngest in his group yet this hasn’t prevented him from performing at or above management group average for all four measured performance traits. It is particularly pleasing to see him record 7mm p8 fat (group average 5.5mm) and 5mm Rib Fat (group average 3.8mm), his EMA measure is 100cm2 (weight 680kg) IMF% 5.3 and scrotal 39.5cm (group average). N326’s Days to Calving EBV –5.9 (Top 20%) plus his mentioned scrotal definitely support the fact that he will be a potent calf ’getter’. Note he also ranks in the Top 25% for IMF +2.4.

N326 is in the Top 9% for the Heavy Grass Index, this coupled with his physical attributes indicate he is an ideal candidate for the Pasture Finished ’Labels’ circulating the industry.

The Bull’s Pedigree

Bulls such as D. Medaglia M28 have proven to us that Gun Smoke over Booroomooka Frankel daughters works super well. Perhaps N326 may just be about to signal that Kilkenny K912 also works in a very special way over B. Frankel daughters. We did sell D. Mandy J135 as an attraction in our Female Production Sale last year, the astute purchaser was David Bondfield. I guess had we known N326 was going to present in such great fettle that decision to sell may have been reversed. J135 is a super cow, so too her dam E112 a daughter of Nichols Extra K205. K205 has had a powerful maternal impact amongst the ‘F’ and ‘E’ cows in particular, Dulverton Queen F23, D. F32, D. E20 and so on. E112 is still active in the herd, she has had 8 progeny analysed.

There isn’t a more Maternally Long Acting family in the Dulverton herd than the Mandys, note that Mandy Q43 had 17 progeny analysed and Mandy S124 had 16 progeny analysed. The pre-potent sires that make up the Mandy family include GT Maximum, JR Juice, VDAR New Trend 315, D. Quantum Leap Q16, Design Plus ’97.

There is no doubting Kilkenny K912 is backed by a Power House pedigree including the Mittagong’s, Dandaloo’s, Jelda’s and Lowar’s. The pre-potent sires would include O’Neill’s Renovator, Scotch Cap, B/R New Design 036, Te Mania Knight/Norman.

N326 is in the select group, he is certainly worth a second look.

Lot 44: Dulverton Nothin Leica Dane N326
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