Not only has Dulverton Larry L154 bred the Masters of Eating Quality in Dulverton Pharlap P55 & P319 (A Neogen Tenderness Score 10, and Carcase Measured Marble Score 10) but he has also presented us with Dulverton PharLap P43 – Lot 75.

Dulverton PharLap P43 heads the Dulverton conceived Neogen calculated VALUE DETERMINING TRAITS Index at 79. The VDT are STAYABILITY, FEED EFFICENCY (RFI), TEDNERNESS, MARBLING YIELD. The draft has 20 of the 83 lots scoring 7.0 or better for the all important VDT Index.

Likeable Larry (13 lots represented) has sired 7 of the 20, proving his worth as an “ALL-ROUNDER”.

If value is what you are looking for and I’m sure it will be following the seasons endured over the past few years then dont overlook LOT 75 Phar Lap P43 or his 6 mates who scored over 7.0 for the all imprtant VDT Index.


To assist identify those Bulls within the draft who have performed above average for the 4 VDT’s- Eating Quality, Maternal Stayability, Feed Efficiency, Beef Yield, The Dulverton Programme has developed a customised VDT Index. The Trait weighting’s for this Index are-:

  • Eating Quality- 30%
    • Juiciness & Flavour as measured by Marbling 20%
    • Tenderness 10%
  • Maternal Stayability- 25%
  • Feed Efficiency- 25%
  • Beef Yield- 20%
    • Carcase Weight 15%
    • EMA 5%


Neogen is the only company to commercially offer Genetic Evaluation for the two Traits that influence Eating Quality- Tenderness and Carcase Measured Marbling. They are also the only company to offer a Maternal Stayability- No Trait more important to Producer On- Farm Profitability than Stayability. In addition Neogen does produce a Genetics Effect Table for their Traits, this assists in determining how far to Push for Improvement of a particular trait- “The Biggest and the Most isn’t necessarily the Best”.