Esselmont Lotto L3

Lotto has proven to us his worth, we don’t have a young sire anywhere near as good as his “Super Son” Dulverton New Approach N208. We already have progeny by this young ‘Super Star in the Making’ performing above average. Lotto’s 14 sons averaged $10,214 (sale average $7,129) at the 2019 Dulverton Bull Sale.

We are very much fans of the Lotto female progeny; his eldest daughters have just weaned progeny:

  • Lot 26 – N65’s daughter Q39 by Dulverton Montjeu M13 weighed 244kg at 158 days for a ratio of 104 and a daily gain of 1.54kg/day. N=22.
  • Lot 34 – N199’s bull calf Q7 again by Dulverton Montjeu M13 weighed 289kg at 164 days for a ratio of 108 and a daily gain of 1.76kg/day. N=19.

We weren’t keen to sell either of these females particularly N199 as we don’t have a daughter out of her. However, this is a Female Production Sale and in order that we might attract potential Stud Female purchasers it is essential that we offer for your competition:

  • A representation of our complete Sire Battery,
  • Representatives by this Sire Battery who are performing at the top of their respective age groups.

As well as these two N’s, we also offer three P’s: Lot 4 – P60, Lot 12 – P192 & Lot 14 – P257.

Dulverton Kitty P257 (Lot 14)

Note the pattern of the Lotto’s, they have moderate frames, are deep thick bodied with chest floor, soft pliable skin and slick hair. They have the important Do-ability attributes.

Lotto is a tremendous all-round performer. He breeds functional cattle with stayability that tick the boxes for the all-important Value Determining Traits and Selection Indexes.

Dulverton New Approach N208 – Lotto’s Super Son!
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