Dulverton Rocket Man R059

Dulverton Rocket Man R059 does exhibit the necessary visual WOW factor to be considered as a Future Sire of Registered Angus, being set up on near perfect feet and legs. Note his body capacity as evidenced by his depth, spring of rib and natural body thickness, this “Power” carries all the way through to include expressive muscling into the chine, width between the eyes, strength in the bottom jaw and width of muzzle. Mobility is definitely a feature and Dick Whale Grades him a 7.

Dulverton Rocket Man R059 has performed exceptionally well given that he is from a first calf heifer born early, born unassisted. Note he registers a 3 for B.W and 5 for both C.E. Direct and Maternal (Igenity) indicating he is a very safe Calving Ease prospect. On the 30/06/2021 he weighed 485kg for a daily gain of 1.42kg/day. On the 22/02/2021 R059 recorded a weaning weight of 335kg at 213 days for a daily gain of 1.79kg/day 9adjusted to age of dam) giving him a ratio of 110. The number in his group was 32.

Dulverton Rocket Man R059 is by a bull we believe has much to offer the Angus Breed in Chiltern Park Moe M6. Moe is very easy calving, (registers 4 for B.W; 6 for C.E.Direct and 7 for C.E.Maternal with Igenity) he has adequate growth, ideal bone to muscle ratio with exemplary marbling (Igenity score 9), his progeny all appear to exhibit a mid maturity pattern and are structurally very correct. Moe is a Sire exhibiting the ability to inject “faster early” growth into his progeny while keeping a “Lid” on final mature weight. For example Moe’s 12 Bull weaners out of the “P’s”, (first calf heifers), had an average daily gain at weaning of 1.65kg/day Ratio of 102; His 13 heifers from the “P’s” had an average daily gain of 1.49kg/day to ratio 101.

Dulverton Rocket Man R059 is from the first calf heifer in D. MANDY P275, a daughter of E. Lotto L3, it seems as though the Moe Lotto cross works a treat. There are 10 Bulls in this Sale from the Mighty Mandy family. R059’s Maternal Great Grand Dam Mandy T102 reared 14 progeny naturally, she is by the Pelvis Building Longevity Champion Dulverton Re Build R112.

Dulverton Re Build R112 was the sire of 20 of the 25 steers in Bruce Picone’s (Tallawanta Feedlot Moree) entry in the inaugural ALFA sponsored Feedlot Performance, Carcase Yield, Eating Quality Competition. The mainly R112 Team won this comprehensive competition.

Yeah, that’s it Dulverton Rocket Man R059 simply hasn’t “appeared”, he has been generations in the making. Don’t miss the opportunity of having a second look at R059, it’s our belief that he has Future Bull Breeding capabilities.

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