Dulverton Queen F023

F023 certainly ranks amongst our best ever bull breeding cows. There is no doubting the contribution of Dulverton Herbert H008 in the Dulverton Callandool (Glen and Loi McKinlay Springsure) herds, his sale progeny last year averaged $12,000 and included the sale topper Dulverton Lethal L056 @ $18,000. Its interesting that Glen, Loi and Simon think that much of H008 that they had to have L056. H008 was a stand-out from the day he was born, note he was F23’s first calf and born so early in the drop. As he developed his length, chest floor, body capacity, mobility, skin and hair attributes excelled. H008’s ‘K’ female is by the Raff son of O’Neills Prime Star 80 we used him because we were keen to ‘lock in’ the known carcase marbling attributes of Gardens Prime Time and O’Neills Prime Star 80. K213 first son Malua M197 (born unassisted) was identified by one of our commercial co-operators and used in his herd to assist us maintain calving ease data on our ‘top end’ females progeny. Note he didn’t know the pedigree connection when he made the selection from the group of 22 heifers bull calves. M197 will sell in our annual bull sale Monday 30/07/18.

Dulverton Queen F023 has a unique pedigree, its worth noting she still has bulls like ‘Ext’ and Burthlene Patriot on ‘her page’ these two plus Design Plus ’97, U91 and O’Neill’s Renovator and Summitcrest Power Play certainly rank amongst our all time favourites. Note these bulls are pelvis builders, the Queen family hasn’t become a calving ease family by accident. Summitcrest Power Play still a RBY promoter (+0.9), Burthlene Patriot still able to promote fertility (+2.3 scrotal, -4.4 days to calving) and NFI -F (-0.61 top 1%), O’Neill’s Renovator still able to be a positive contributor to calving ease daughters (+3.4 top 10%) and RBY (+0.8), Emulation EXT still a very positive contributor to NFI-F (-0.62 top1%), Design Plus ’97 is a breed trait leader for RBY and very much a positive contributor to NFI -F ranking in the top 1% Dulverton Uptake U91 certainly still contributes toward longevity/stayability as evidenced by the number of daughters still actively functional in our herd and by his fertility indicators – scrotal +2.4 (top 20%) and days to calving -4.1. We know his progeny marble why even his IMF% is creeping ever slowly back toward breed average, he is in the top 30% for RBY and on the right side of the ledger for NFI-F. Nichols Extra K205 (Mr Functionality) he is a pelvis builder, milk additive (top 5%), fertility additive (scrotal +2.7, days to calving -7.7 top 5%) and NFI-F -0.40 (top 5%).

Dulverton Queen F023’s sale has brought back many wonderful memories for Sal and I not the least being the formation of our joint venture flushing deal – Great Northern, with Doug and Julie White in 1984 (Ced Wise was still an apprentice to Syd Miller in those days). We acquired a very special cow from Trangie Research Centre in Trangie Poatina with the intention of flushing her. One of the sires we flushed her too was SVF Impact and perhaps the best daughter from the flush was Great Northern Impact F4. When joined to O’Neill’s Renovator, Impact F4’s heifer started the Dulverton Hydie family – Hydie H19, in turn H19 was bred to O’Neill’s Crusader to produce Dulverton Kingpin K53.

When Dulverton Kingpin K53 was bred to the O’Neills Renovator daughter Linda L46, herself an O’Neill’s Mr America daughter (The Basin G50), Dulverton Uptake U91’s dam Dianna N48 was the result. It is worth noting that longevity/stayability has been on our radar as a selection criteria since the very beginning, Dulverton Linda L46 delivered and raised 13 progeny and her most prolific daughter Dulverton Linda U45 (by Dulverton Re-build R112 who was still serving naturally as a 12 year old) repeated her dams performance.

Dulverton Queen F023 is a gem, she is also a positive contributor to calving ease at 10 days she ranks in the top 1% for Gestation Length, she is breed average for growth and milk, she contributes positively toward fertility (+2.2 for scrotal), she is in the top 15% for RBY, we are confident her progeny marble and she rounds out our third most valuable trait, NFI-F at -0.22 (top 10%).

It has been a difficult decision to take, that of selling such a gem as Dulverton Queen F023, we think its important to share, these lifetime in the making females, we still have Dulverton Herbert H008 semen and we won’t sell her TeMania Kilkenny K912 son L003 until we have used him twice and semen collected from him. Dulverton Queen sells bred to TeMania Kilkenny K912 (PTIC) and Dick Whale has graded her a 7 if it is of any use to intending purchases we would love to see her bred to Esslemont Lotto L3.

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