Dulverton Latitude L006

We initially selected Latitude L6 to use over our ‘L’ heifers because he was out of a first calf heifer (J167) and was born very early in the drop. He was born unassisted. It’s worth noting that should we have to pull a calf out of a heifer (or cow for that matter) both individuals are ‘relieved’ from any further breeding duties.

The Cluden Newry Equator F10 was a bull recommended to us by Dick Whale as a strong maternal bull, including calving ease with adequate growth, yield and IMF% (at the time). We researched the maternal contributors in the pedigree to discover that his maternal grand dam CN Arawatea W86 delivered and reared 9 progeny, thus satisfying our longevity/stayability requirement. CN Arawatea W86 is by Te Mania Kelp, an Oneills Renovator son, the pedigree also contains bulls we’d used and liked in GDAR Oscar 711 and Scotchcap. It’s not all that easy to get a handle on Ardrossan Equator A241’s maternal longevity/stayability (ET work) the pedigree with the Tehama and Rito blood would suggest fertility and milk at least would be strong, this is the case Ardrossan Princess W38 is still +2.7 Scrotal, -7.3 Day to Calving (top 5%) and +23 Milk (top 5%).

CN Equator’s current figures certainly make him a worthy choice, note his calving ease, adequate growth, trait leader status for Milk, Scrotal, Days to Calving, Carcase Weight and RBY. Hughsey and Jen certainly got that one right eh! Well done guys, we have never used a bull on heifers and had so few problems.

Latitude L6 of course combines the above with TC Franklin 619 and D Uptake U91, the Glory G77 bull was used here over heifers and is still working vigorously for long term valued client Warwick Grieve. Latitudes maternal pedigree is stacked with longevity Xtol Y60 (11 progeny), Mandy Z190 (9 progeny), Mandy V124 (9 progeny) and T102 (14 progeny). If longevity/stayability are seen as one or your ‘fundamental’ requirements, then it is hard to go past the Mandys.

Not many holes in Latitude L6’s EBVs either. The only trait that he doesn’t better breed average is IMF% and given his pedigree we’d be happy to say he will marble.

Latitude L6 is very well made, check out the video on the Dulverton website. We have calves on our ‘L’ heifers by L6 and used him by AI over

the ‘M’ heifers – there are eight of the ‘M’ heifers in this sale in calf to him. We can’t wait to see his progeny mature.

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