Damsel 2020 Sale Round Up

Sal and I would like to Thank all the successful purchasers of Dynamic Damsels from the Dulverton Female Production Sale Friday 13/3/2020.

We were very happy with the way the fifty eight (58) Young Angus Gals presented, the agony endured re the selection process and with putting up females of the Calibre of ANNIE M10, ANNIE N42, WILCOOLA N65, PENNY P152 & WILCOOLA Q64 was all worth it in the end.
The Sale was unique in itself in that we were able to return to our long held passion of trying to identify the DNA Markers that locate the sets of Genes that control the expression of the Economically important Traits by testing using the NEOGEN  Genomic approach for their suite of traits. Note it was 2009 when we last reported Feed Efficiency, Marbling and Tenderness data in our Bull Sales from the 56 DNA-Marker panel that was developed over the preceding decade by Genetic Solutions and Catapault. Thanks to the IGS/Igenity “data sharing partnership” and Igenities Australian arm Neogen we were able to present that suite of data for the sixteen traits. Of particular comfort to Sal n Me is how well the 71 sampled individuals being considered for this sale performed for Marbling, 12th rib carcase fatness, Tenderness, Heifer pregnancy rate & Maternal Stayability/Birth Weight. These traits along with Feed efficiency are so important re fulfilling our dollar driving productivity goals- the VALUE DETERMINING  TRAITS-:

  • Maternal Stayability Longevity
  • Eating Quality Tenderness Juiciness and Flavour
  • Feed Efficiency including a yet to be developed Cow at Pasture Measure
  • Beef Yield

Watch this Space for more Detail and information re this Genetic Measurement/Reporting Developments as they assist define the Beef Industries Economic Sustainability/Future


This year’s Dynamic Damsel Sale was conducted by The Colin Say & Co. Team with Shad Bailey at the Rostrum, well done to the team Craig, Nathan, Steve, Nerida & Julie

The High Selling “P” Lot 10 D.Penny P152 a Spring Cove Gentleman Jack daughter in calf to Chiltern Park Moe was purchased by Mr. Phillip Reardon Graman Pastoral @ $7,750
Eighteen of the Twenty “P”s sold to a top of $7750 to average $4,041.67

The High Selling “N” Lot 23 an outstanding C. Gun Smoke J134 daughter D.Annie N42 Sold to the Hills Angus Stud of Mr. Matt Hannah Uralla for $12,250
Eleven of the Twelve “N”s sold to a top of $12,250 to average $5,840.91
Matt put together a consignment of seven the other notable being the Calving Ease champion D. Impact N78 Lot 27

The High Selling “K” Lot was D. Wilcoola K 192 by B.B. Debonair D34 from D. Wilcoola E68 a true Stayability Champion by the Canadian Champion of the Stayability cause in F.V. 20K KING. Sold to NSW DPI (Jason, Laura, John operating) for $4,750.
Two of the three “K”s sold to $4,750 to average $3,875. Jason and the Team were very active and shopped astutely putting together a set of Nine very functional young cows.

The High Selling “L”  was D.Dianna L112 a Black Pearl Daughter with amazing body capacity and “Doability” Sold to Sam & Erica Ulrick and Family, a Venture for the next generation, for $4250

Six of the six “L”s sold to $4250 to average $3,708.33. Sam & Ericas Girls really had their “eyes in” putting together a very special set of young females including one of my favourites Lot 26 D. Wilcoola N65 in calf to Chiltern Park Moe-Good on you Gals.

The High Selling “M” was D.Annie M10 a Superlative C. Gun Smoke J134 Daughter from that Superior Sire in B. Frankel F510. Note she was at heifers first calf, born unassisted (goes without saying), has produced two mighty calves and is in the top 8% of the Breed for all 4 Indexes including top 2% for Heavy Grass fed. She sold to David & Nick Butcher at Bundarra for $13,000.
Four of the five “M”s sold to $13,000 and averaged $6,500

The High Selling “Q” was Lot 64 D. Wilcoola Q74 a C. Gun Smoke J134 daughter from a mighty B.B. Debonair D34 daughter in D. Wilcoola K4. She also combines D. Wilcoola E68 and that super son of Dynamite who ended up on Tasmania with Tony Seymours outstanding herd  D. Feature F221.
She sold to a repeat buyer in Joel Sloman for $8,000
Six of the Twelve “Q”s sold to a top of $8,000 to average $3,458.33

Sal & I would like to acknowledge the fact that Scott & Malby Miller have purchased Lot 18 D. Lisa P304 and Lot 35 D.Ticket N251 as Foundation Females for their Milby Vale Angus Stud in Malby’s words “The Start of Something Wonderful” we wish you all the very best with this exciting new Adventure

We would also like to thank Gerald & Lynden Spry for their purchase of two special Boonaroo Gravity G13 daughters in Lot 3 D. Pixie P51 and Lot 6 D. Dianna P67, We believe the G13’s have a significant contribution to make particularly re the improvement of the four Value Determining Traits.

Equal Volume buyer was Greg White, Robrick Lodge Parkville via Scone. Greg has a major affiliation with the breeding of quality Equines we hope to be able to swap notes going forward. Greg secured five Lots including a very special Lotto L3 Daughter Lot 34 D. Peri N199 who held to Chiltern Park Moe if it’s a Bull I’m sure we will be Banging on the door to do a deal on a Share-Note N199 in the top 20% for all 4 Indexes.

In all Forty Seven of the Fifty Eight Lots Sold to a Top of $13,000 to Average $4,547.

Sal & I are indebted to the Dulverton Team of untiring committed Staff, headed by Tim Grob who can now finally take a break-enjoy Tassie Tim. Must thank Rachael for her part in keeping the Feed Wagon going during her 14 mths at Shannon Vale,  we are sure Rachael thought there was more to Angus Stud work than Mixing Feed when she signed on in October of 2018. Thanks also to Fiona for her efforts in the office and with our Sale Catalogues and to Phil for the Garden. Lucy n Charlie, well, Sal & I are positive Tim wouldn’t have coped without you since the start of January and The Hip Operation.

Sal & I Thank all Successful Purchasers, we wish you all the very best with your respective Lots and trust they live up to your expectations. Should you have any problems or enquires please feel free to contact us.