There is no denying the powerful job Gun Smoke has done for us, he is an all-round sire, his male progeny have excelled and his daughters certainly have few superiors. A sign of a super sire lies in the fact that he replaces himself with one better, we think Gun Smoke has done that by producing another of the Feature Sires in this catalogue in Dulverton Medaglia M28 (see accompanying notes), and see what you think of the two Dulverton Medaglia M28 daughters – Lot 60 Q136 and the Feature Weaner Lot 63 Q297.

Gun Smoke is represented by seven (7) daughters in the sale: Lot 13 P256, Lot 17 P291, Lot 21 P326, Lot 23 N042, Lot 30 N143, Lot 46 M10 and Lot 64 Q74.

Dulverton Pixie P256 (Lot 13)

It’s our belief that all seven have something very special to offer the Angus Seedstock Industry. We have singled Dulverton Annie M10 out as a Special Feature Lot, she excels on every front. How many females can be purchased from a Female Production Sale with her set of Selection Indexes??

Top 7%          Angus Breeding Index

Top 10%        Domestic Index

Top 12%        Heavy Grain Index

Top 3%          Heavy Grass Index

More importantly from our perspective she is so good across our set of Value Determining Traits. She is very unique in that she is bred along the same lines as Dulverton Medaglia M28 being by C. Gun Smoke out of a very special B. Frankel cow, therefore combining that B. Tracey T4 blood.

Gun Smoke’s two ‘N’ progeny are also both very, very special. Sal and I are particularly taken by Dulverton Annie N042. Yeah, I wasn’t very popular for cataloguing another Annie, Sal’s 21st birthday present was the founder of the Annie line which of course also produced the Sydney Royal Easter Show Champion Cow in Dulverton Annie G17… what a stunner she was.

Have to concede that N42’s numbers (EBV’s) aren’t in the class of D. Annie M10, not many are. On the other hand, N42 is a striking individual to assess for the attributes of Structural Soundness and Femininity. She is long bodied, has a near perfect shoulder set and angle with amazing neck extension, her bone content and shape are a definite plus so too her ability to ‘glide’ rather than walk. Her skin is soft and pliable, her hair is fine and soft, she is definitely our type of cow.

No doubting the most appropriate way to judge a cow is to examine her progeny. Annie N42 has weaned one calf, a heifer by Dulverton Montjeu M13, she is Dulverton Annie Q6. At 164 days she weighed 261kg for a daily gain of 1.59kg/day Ratio 108, Number in Group = 22.

Q6 is an outstanding heifer and a definite candidate for us to investigate keeping a Heifer Type Bull from, she already ticks the boxes of being born early unassisted and by such a super star Calving Ease Bull in Dulverton Montjeu M13.

Gun Smoke’s youngest representative in the sale, Dulverton Wilcoola Q74 may well be his best yet. She is a striking individual. She has ideal skin, hair, body capacity, evenness of fat distribution, neck extension plus shoulder angle and set. Her temperament is exemplary. To finally decide to offer Q74 created much angst, however we are committed to the concept of offering as many ‘Topliners’ as possible. The agony brought about by the fact that Q74 was our heaviest weaner recording and amazing 273kg at 155 days for a gain of 1.76kg/day, Ratio 116, N=26. Her EBV’s are striking from super calving ease, birth weight to 600 day relationship, Fertility, NFI-F to IMF%. Note she is in the Top 30% for all 4 Indexes. There is no doubting the potency of Gun Smoke as a Sire of Future Breeders of the calibre of Dulverton Annie M10 and Dulverton Annie N42.

Lot 46 – Dulverton Annie M10
Lot 23 – Dulverton Annie N42
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