Calving Ease

Following the widespread drought across the continent a couple of years ago, the National Cow Herd has been severely reduced. The process of rebuilding is happening and female data indicates heifer slaughtering’s are down and there is a substantial increase in retained females on property.
Rebuilding can occur by-:
1) Joining more heifers (note Live Calves Article in Chaps Chatter).
2) Retaining females in the herd for one more calf (note Longevity article in Chaps Chatter).
We focus on both these issues with the Dulverton herd @ Shannon Vale.
Should you be interested in Calving Ease Sires to mate to heifers this Spring, then please consider.
1) Cluden Newry Equator F10 son’s, they are all born unassisted out of first calf heifers.
2) Sydgen Black Pearl sons, with your preferred calving ease E.B. V’s.
3) Dulverton Hector H8 son’s, they are bred to pass on calving he was born unassisted out of a first calf heifer.
H8’s are in the same league as Sydgen Black Pearl.
C.E.D. H8 +3.4 Black Pearl +4.0.
C.E.M. H8+4.2 Black Pearl +4.2.
We continue to strive for Calving Excellence, see photo of Dulverton L101, freshly calves this morning(21/07/17), calf a bull by Dulverton Kiwi K100, the result of this “joining” very pleasing to us-31 calves born in 8 days One assist a presentation issue (both front feet down).
Paul Redden used Kiwi K100 by A.I. over 100 Heifers Calving 47 over 10 days for one assist. Ian Bailey and manager Steve Wilkinson purchased Kiwi K100at last year’s Dulverton Sale they report minimal assistance to date (Heifers┬ástill Calving).
Longevity is an additional advantage of K100’s, he is out of Mandy X99 who we retired this Autumn after weaning her 13th calf. She reared them all for a combined ratio of 99. D.Kiwi K100 helps fulfil the Longevity the Unmeasured Trait component of the herd rebuilding exercise.
D. L101 is herself by Sydgen Black Pearl, so this calf combines two of the Sires we would recommend to you as Calving Ease specialists-Cluden Newry Equator F10 (note his progeny in the Sale are all born unassisted out of 1st calf Heifers), F10 is the Sire of D.Kiwi K100.
AND SYDGEN Black Pearl.

I reckon this little bloke will be a Real Pearler may well be worth a set of Paspaley Pearl Earrings.

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