Boonaroo Gravity G13

Boonaroo Gravity is represented in the sale by Lot 3 – P051, Lot 5 – P061, Lot 6 – P067.

Boonaroo Gravity was selected for use in the herd primarily because of the performance profile he gained from his progeny’s performance in the Young Angus Sire Benchmark program.

Dulverton Pixie P061 (Lot 5)

Note Boonaroo Gravity’s outcomes for the 4 Value Determining traits:

  • Maternal Longevity
    • Calving Ease Direct                   Top 13%        75 progeny
    • Calving Ease Daughters           Top 45%        16 progeny
    • Gestation Length                      Top 34%        250 progeny
    • Birth Weight                               Top 43%        308 progeny
    • Days to Calving                         Top 5%          11 progeny
    • Scrotal                                          Top 1%          67 progeny
  • NFI-F                                                  Top 1%          11 progeny
  • RBY                                                    Top 7%
  • Marbling / IMF%                              Top 22%        10 progeny

His Eating Quality does gain much greater reliability / creditability due to the fact the progeny data through the Benchmark program produced ten (10) carcase marbling results. Note he has 148 IMF% Scans.

  • Selection Indexes

For those interested in Breeding based on Selection Indexes, note that he is in the Top 12% for all 4 indexes.

Please don’t be deterred by his negative fat EBV’s, the bull has all the attributes of the Trait that best serves breeders selecting for ‘Survivability’ in tough going, the Doability Traits. Note his thickness, body capacity, early to mid-maturity pattern, soft pliable skin and soft slick hair type.

The fact that he reduces fatness in a British Breed is a definite plus, it adds to his RBY thereby reducing trimming costs, energy costs in putting on surplus fat resulting in our product being more price competitive at retail. Surplus fat also impedes reproductive performance. Fat; the live animal and the carcase needs small amounts of it evenly distributed. Note how even the Boonaroo Gravity G13 fat distribution is.

No doubt the other reason Sal and I used Boonaroo Gravity G13 is because Kenny’s Creek Federation Q40 is out of Federation J40. Chaps actually bred Farrer Federation Z3 (dam of Federation J40) and Z3’s dam Farrer Lady Federation was the very first Farrer prefixed female named in a competition conducted amongst the year 11 Beef Husbandry group by Graeme Hosegood. Federation was the wheat variety bred by William Farrer and Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School was named after William Farrer, hence the name Lady Federation.

Boonaroo Gravity G13 was structurally assessed by Dick Whale for us and received the tick of approval.

No doubting Gravity G13 has a great deal to offer a Beef Industry struggling to regain / maintain market share where Eating Quality and Price Competitiveness have been failing the consumer.

Dulverton Dianna P067 (Lot 6)
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