Boonaroo Gravity G13 – Ref Sire

Represented by 17 Sons

Angus Australia does a great job in facilitating the Young Sire Benchmark Program. The suite of submitted Sire’s progeny data generated from Birthweight to MSA index is a wonderful selection assisting tool.

We used Gravity G13 because of his consistent performance for the suite of traits, in the Angus Young Sire Benchmark program. He ranked in the Top 6 of 21 for Birthweight, Gestation Length, Days to Calving (heifers), 200 day growth, 600 day growth, and carcase measured EMA. He ranked 8th/21 for NFI-F and carcase measured marbling, his MSA marble score of 525 rates him a Mid-Range AUS-MEAT Score 3, a Mid-Range Average Choice (USDA system) with Lipid content of 5.9%. This is right in the middle of the Australian Beef consumer preference range of 4 – 8.5% Lipid (MSA research findings 1996). The fact that he scores Average Choice also means beef meal portions from the carcase’s of his progeny will suit most Western palates. He is producing the ideal content of taste fat -marbling. Boonaroo Gravity G13 progeny measured 15.7mm Rib Fat which means he isn’t producing excessive amounts of ‘waste fat’ – the subcutaneous fat that is trimmed to 3-5mm at retail. Great data set.

Lot 7 – Dulverton Protectionist P79

Dick Whale inspected Boonaroo Gravity G13 for us and reported he was of ideal moderate frame and mid-maturity pattern and had very sound structure, particularly his feet. Boonaroo Gravity G13’s 17 sons in this sale certainly have inherited their sire’s feet, they have averaged 23.2 for Front Feet and 23.7 for back feet – an amazing result. Four of his sons P079 (Lot 7), P075 (Lot 18), P117 (Lot 39) and P166 (Lot 76) all scored 24’s for front and back feet, that’s an achievement no other sire has achieved since Dulverton Uptake U91.

The Gravity G13 daughters are very much to our liking, we sold 2 in our Production Sale to Gerald and Lynley Spry and have 12 retained in the Stud. They are of a similar pattern, moderate framed, mid maturity patterns with super feet. They have ideal body capacity including wide chest floors ensuring that all important Doing Ability trait, we are anxiously awaiting their first calves. We will most definitely be using Gravity G13 again this spring.

We offer 17 sons of Boonaroo Gravity G13, three of them are Grade 7’s – P79 (Lot 7), P117 (Lot 39), and P175 (Lot 56). As mentioned, the 17 G13’s exhibit outstanding feet and are particularly strong for depth of heel. Gravity G13’s 17 sons are of similar pattern to him; they are moderate framed with ideal capacity and are of mid maturity. Their capacity certainly supports their characteristic easy doing ability.

Lot 32 – Dulverton Peter Pan P204


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