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Most will be aware of Sal’s and my dedication to Eating Quality, our Website has a number of Articles re this mighty important Topic, feel free to browse the website remembering we do contend-:

“There is no other reason to produce Beef than to Satisfy the Eating Quality Expectations of the Beef Consumer Consistently and Price Competitively”.

In order to improve the Genetic Propensity from within the Dulverton Seedstock herd we have for a second year now engaged the Igenity Beef Genomic testing programme to assist us Identify the presence of the favourable sets of genes for the two eating quality determining traits MARBLING and TENDERNESS. At this stage Breedplan cannot provide us with The TENDERNESS and MARBLING Genomic Measures.

The results have been sent through to us and below is a table of the all important outcomes
We are very pleased to be able to report that this sample of 47 Dulverton Females ranging from Q’s to K’s has averaged a MARBLE score 7 ( Scale 0-10), from the Igenity Database. Note that this is Carcase Assessed Marble Score data. The following table Identifies the Lots in the Sale with Score 8’s and 9’s
   Ident.       Lot No.        Marble Score.         Tenderness Score.        Structure Grade
   P132.          14.                   9.                             7.                                         5
   Q025.         26.                  9.                             5.                                         7
   Q044          28.                  9.                             7.                                         5
   Q243.         49.                  9.                             7.                                         4

   P056.          10.                  8.                             9.                                        5
   K072.          16.                  8.                             4.                                        4
   Q019.          25.                 8.                             7.                                         6
   Q085.         33.                 8.                             3.                                        6
   Q097.          35.                 8.                             6.                                        5
   Q113.           37.                 8.                             7.                                        4
   Q182.          46.                 8.                             7.                                        5

Hopefully this Data may assist you with your final decision re the selection and ultimate purchase of a Dynamic Dulverton Damsel on Wednesday 10/03/2021.

Lot 25 – Q!25 Dulverton Annie
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