2021 Female Thank You

When Sal and I first reminded each other last October that January 2021 would Mark 40 years since we commenced the Dulverton Angus Programme and that it would be nice to do something to Celebrate the occasion, we didn’t in our wildest dreams think we would put on a Female Production Sale and that it would average $6,080 and realise a Total Clearance. What an Outcome.

We would really love to Thank those of you who came to Shannon Vale, either in Person or per favour of Elite Auctions to inspect, critique and purchase a Dulverton Damsel, the likes of which have been 40 years in the making. Females have been sold to locations from north of Clermont (Qld) to west of Werribee (Vic).
Sal and I are very passionate re our Dulverton Cow Herd and continue striving to improve their genetic make-up re our Breeding objectives outlined amongst articles on our website. We still get excited at weaning and get a real buzz scrutinising Individual Cow and Sire/Sire line performance.
We are honoured by the vote of confidence bestowed upon us via your support.

This Sale result has truely been overwhelming, so thanks for your contributions wether as Purchasers or Underbidders.


  • 19 PTIC Mature Cows sold to $11,000 twice, Lot 9 D. Pixie N245 & Lot 12 D. Pixie P108, they averaged $6,184
  • 30 PTIC “Q” Heifers sold to $15,000 Lot 46 D. Annie Q182, they averaged $6,175
  • 5 R Heifers sold to $9,000 D. Anzac R023, they averaged $5,150
  • There was a Total Clearance 54 Lots offered 54 Lots sold to average $6,083
  • The 15 Commercial Lots averaged $2,966.
Top priced cow Lot 9 D. Pixie N245 & top priced “Q” D. Annie Q 182

Sal and I are really Chuffed (Sal probably more than me, Sal actually selected the Tulagi heifer founder of the Annie Family all those years ago), that Annie Q182 a twin from Annie G037 (also dam of D. New Approach N208), topped the Sale

We would very much like to Acknowledge the contributions that have been majorly instrumental to the success of the sale,  made by-:

  • The Colin Say & Co. Team
  • Independent Beef Marketing Systems
  • The Elite Auctions Team
  • Clear Vision Images
  • Winwave Communications
  • The Dulverton Team, Tim, Kym, Owen, Sam, Ben, Fiona & Steph

Thanks guys without you it simply doesn’t work.

Sal and are truely overwhelmed and do sincerely thank all successful purchasers and underbidders for their most generous support.

John Shaw pictured Greg Chappell & Shad Bailey
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