2018 MND Bull

Motor Neurone Disease Research Donation

 Dulverton Nothin Leica Dane N5 (Special Lot)

Note the locomotion, the ideal maturity pattern, very easy doing, soft pliable skin, silky hair, body capacity and muscling. He is tight sheathed and was Graded a 6 by Dick Whale and a 5 by James and Ted Laurie.

This year we have decided to offer from the first crop of TeMania Kilkenny K912 (top 5% IMF%) bull calves, the bull we had earmarked as a stud sire Dulverton Nothin Leica Dane N5, the proceeds including the commission to go directly to Professor Dominic Rowe – Head of the Motor Neurone Disease Research Unit at Macquarie University. We are very much aware of the fact that the Research work into prevention and cure for MND won’t assist our two very special mates in Graham Yeo, Daryl Bath and their families but it may in the hope of Yeoy and Bathie assist suffers down the track. Bid up on Dulverton Nothin Leica Dane N5 he is a good bull and it’s a great cause.

Earlier in the year we took the option of offering Dulverton Penny G48 at our Dulverton Female Production Sale. We did offer her as an attraction Lot because she performs at Breed Average for two of the Value Determining Traits – RBY and IMF% and well above average for NFI-F.

On the paternal side of her pedigree she combines one of the very best Longevity sires in Dulverton Re-build R112. Note the steer progeny of Dulverton Re-build R112 prepared by Bruce Picone won the inaugural ALFA sponsored Domestic Market Competition which comprised a feedlot grow component, a carcase yield component and a carcase measured eating quality component. Note that Pixie T93 and the founding Pixie Q12 both reared 14 progeny only one of Q12’s was an embryo transfer calf.

On the maternal side, the two sires we have had major success with include the BR Midland son, Five Star Midland Z51, still working last season as a twelve-year-old and Prairie Edge Marbul Design 931. See our website notes for Prairie Edge Marbul Design 931 re his marbling performance and note he is a very positive RBY and NFI-F contributor.

Phenotypically Dulverton Penny G48 is long, deep, thick, exhibits soft pliable skin, extremely soft hair, great locomotion with an almost perfect shoulder set and that trademark neck extension.

No doubting the prowess of Dulverton Penny G48 as a dam worthy of keeping a Stud bull from. Note the founder of both the Penny and Mandy families was the Basin E49. The Penny’s came from the mating of E49 to VDAR New Trend 315 and the Mandy’s from the mating of E49 to GT Maximum.

We decided to keep Dulverton Nothin Leica Dane N5 as a stud sire for use in our herd as his paternal pedigree is also notable and in so doing we were maintaining the Penny G48 line.

We believe that the TeMania Kilkenny K912 will be additive to our program particularly with respect to IMF% (Top 5% therefore hopefully carcase marbling) and for milk and udder shape/conformation. In addition he is body length additive, his feet are very sound, his shoulder set and neck extension ensure mobility.

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